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Review: Lulla Doll

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The perfect sleep time companion for your little one.

Sleep Longer – Feel Better and Be Safer is the DuduBaba Company Lulla Doll slogan. We could not have said it better ourselves.

This product came to us and immediately the fighting began on who would get to try the doll out first… so what did we do? We shared it between every child ranging from birth through to our 9 year old!

Each of us were certainly impressed that the Lulla Doll replicated mom while baby, toddler and even a child were sleeping.  You see, the Lulla Doll is soft and comfortable to the touch as it is made for natural cotton, so a child simply cannot resist holding it.Then its best feature you ask? It provides soft soothing sounds of real-life breathing and a heartbeat. Thus ensuring that your little one thinks that you are with them all the time.

In our press pack it included that the Lulla’s unique design is based on scientific research that shows how closeness improves sleep, well-being and safety.  The Lulla Doll was discovered when the owner of the DuduBaba Company newborn was 2 weeks old and their toddler was still co-sleeping. Her husband was suddenly rushed to hospital with a brain injury and kept in ICU and she was left to care for her 2 children alone. Jodie needed some assistance to help replicate the closeness and security of a parent so that she could care for her newborn.  And she succeeded in finding the perfect companion in our opinion.

You can find more information if you visit their website

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