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Review: Little Live Pets – Surprise Chick

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Excitement, excitement and some more excitement. Every child seems to love a virtual pet, it is that feeling that you are looking after something special, a little friend to call your own.

The Little Live Pets Range is just so much fun for little ones. There is great antiquation watching the little egg hatch and open with your surprise inside.

Now your chicken (in our case we hatched Tilly the Dancing Chick)

The Little Live Pets Surprise Chick comes inside a plastic egg, after easily following the activate instructions, you place your Little Live Pets Surprise Chick in their home on the locator pin. Then the magic begins; you wait and listen as your little Chick taps and cracks the egg open revealing who they are and begin hopping out its egg.

But the most fun starts when you start playing with your Little Live Pets Surprise Chick. The Little Live Pets Surprise Chick loves to hop and sing to get your attention, and when your child is finished playing he will be able to get his chick to settle down as well!

Each chick has a built in petting sensor. This means that when you stroke his head he will calm down and sing a sweet song.

Then when you want to start all over again, you can place your chick back in the egg and start the whole process again. Its the chick that hatches over and over and over again! The Little Live Chick loves to hop, sing and jump his way around the room ensuring that your child is kept entertained for some time.

For more information click here to read more about the Little Live Pets Surprise or visit

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