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Review: Kidz Medi Kit

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Enter the home of anyone who has any number of children, and you’ll be surprised to see just how much medication has been accumulated over the years of their being parents.  Most of us try to put together a medical kit, but never quite succeed and generally some medication can be found in our bathroom cupboards, some locked away where it can’t be reached by little fingers and some in a draw somewhere!

Then along came Kidz Medi Kit which is available from www.kidzmedikit.co.za or one of the many Kidz Medi Kit agents around South Africa and even Namibia.  This mobile set of drawers, comes fully equipped with everything that you will need as a mom of small children.  From band aids, to burn shields, scissors, a thermometer and constipation treatments, to name a few, the Kidz Medi Kit was put together with the assistance of Dr Willie Roux, who is a paediatrician at the Worcester Kidz Cross Medical centre and also a father of 3.

The Kidz Medi Kit is a medical emergency kit tailored specifically for parents, and contains all the basics that you are likely to need as a parent.  It also contains a very informative little booklet that aims to answer all the most common medical questions parents are likely to encounter as well as give advice on how to treat correctly.  Whilst the producers of Kidz Medi Kit will always strongly advise that parents seek the advice of their doctor, especially if they are uncertain, the aim of the helpful booklet is to give parents sufficient information to decide whether or not to treat at home.

Be sure to place your order with Kidz Medi Kit today.  Parenting Hub highly recommends that you do.  What we found particularly exciting about the Kidz Medi Kit is that whilst it is stocked with the many products that you need, it also has sufficient space to store your own products that are more specific to your family.  This makes it easier for you to keep all your medications stored in one place.  The kit consists of a set of four drawers, divided into individual slots for easy storage.  This way, your products can be easily found, won’t spill out onto other products and can be safely stored away from prying little hands.

Some informative advice we found on Kidz Medi Kit website, we thought would be worth repeating here :

  • Use of your Kidz Medi Kit should not replace consultation with your doctor. When in doubt, rather take your child to the doctor.
  • Your Kidz Medi Kit must be kept out of reach of children at all times.
  • Ensure that all medicines are clearly marked.
  • Note that all medicines have an expiration date. Please discard any medicines that have passed their expiration date. The only safe way to discard of medicine is to hand it in at your nearest pharmacy.
  • Never keep unused antibiotics. A course of antibiotics should always be finished as prescribed by your doctor. If there was a good reason to discontinue use, discard any remaining antibiotics immediately. It is very dangerous to use antibiotics that were prescribed for someone else. Always consult a medical doctor before using antibiotics.


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