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Review: Kids Book Club

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With so many subscriptions available on the market today, it is hard to know which will work best for your family.

Encouraging reading from a young age can have so many benefits for your children.  Not only do they get to delve into a world of Fantasy but your child will also learn easier to understand a analyse the written word.

Reading helps your child build a vocabulary, improve concentration, aids in relaxation, readers are better spellers all in all, reading is key to educational enrichment.

So how does the Kids Book Club work?

Firstly you need to head over to www.kidsbookclub.co.za

  1. You choose your tribe. And what this means is that you pick the age group that works for your family
  2. You select a budget that works for you
  3. Wait for your delivery on the 15th of the month

The books are so cleverly broken into 4 tribes:

Easy right! Best of all, you can get amazing storybooks from as little as R159pm.. you just don’t get a better deal than that at the moment.  There certainly will be no excuse as to why your little one is not reading with you, creating the perfect cuddle bonding experience with your little one.

Best of all, the second you signup, you are sent an amazing and fun welcome gift to get you going. The welcome gift is just oh so cute and comprises of!

A tribe member drawstring bag

The Spencer’s Sticker Activity Book & Bush Adventures Book

2 x R150 gift vouchers for your friends

Baby on Board Tribe sticker

Colour me in craft bag

Colour me in activity pack

Colour me in wooden tribe collectors item (you get a new member with each months subscription)

Colour me in wooden Membership badge

The team – Nadine and Mandie are incredibly involved with their clients ensuring that every query is handled professionally. Your order is processed on the 1st of each month with delivery on the 15th… that takes a wow set of chiefs to get that right. With notification being received via email, tracking your order is simple and easy.

This particular subscription is in our opinion one of the best subscription boxes on the market today! Visit www.kidsbookclub.co.zaand signup, you certainly wont regret that you did!


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