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Review: Growing Kids with Character 2.0

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How many parents have said these words : “Children should come with a handbook but because they don’t I’m just winging it, hoping that everything that I do is right.”

Parenting Hub is very happy to announce that this is no longer the case.  Hettie Brittz from Evergreen Parenting, finally has the answer.  Evergreen Parenting has developed a complete parenting guide entitled Growing Kids with Character 2.0 and is a must for every parent.

With facilitators and consultants in every province in South Africa, Evergreen Parenting offers courses and talks, available in English and Afrikaans for parents.  Along with their wide range of resources available for every family, school and church that has children in their care, there are books, DVD’s and CD’s as well as Incentive Charts and other Discipline Tools.

Growing Kids with Character 2.0 teaches us that :

  • Every child is unique and needs to be parented creatively
  • Every child has a valuable calling and destiny
  • Every child needs to be ‘pruned’ and ‘cultivated’ with care
  • Adults can bend saplings without breaking them when they bend them according to their inborn nature
  • Yes, there is a manual for each child, after all!
  • There is hope for every parent-child relationship

Facilitators run courses every year.  These courses are interactive with DVD clips and a full colour handbook.  They are ideal for parents of children of all ages, from cradle to wedding day!

A Compassionate Discipline System for schools is offered and

  • The CD’s computer system is a one-stop discipline solution
  • No red tape or paper work, lengthy procedures or complex point systems
  • CD’s generate learner reports, schedule parent-teacher meetings and ensures consistent discipline according to the School law, while allowing for individuality
  • A positive, values-based focus on character growth with a reward system
  • Discipline guidelines according to 8 types of misbehaviour
  • An effective anti-bullying policy and sensible corrections
  • Training and support by experts
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