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Unlike kids on heavy pedal bikes with training wheels, 2 – 5 year olds on FirstBIKES can ride for several kilometers at a time and even run up hills — all whilst having fun and boosting their self-confidence!

Thanks to its high-tech frame, FirstBIKE is lightweight, durable, and weatherproof, so it doesn’t scratch, splinter, swell or rust.

FirstBIKE’s safety features include a child-friendly rear drum brake; steering limiter to help young riders control the bike and ‘horse saddle’ seat preventing children from slipping off.

Here is what our mom had to say regarding her son’s experience with the FirstBike!

“My 3 year old just love the little FirstBike!   It’s like a proper bike, bike, but without the pedals.  

The first thing that he commented on was the bell! “Look mamma, a hooter!” He also enjoyed putting his favourite toys and snacks in the basket and driving around with it.

I love the fact that the bike is so lightweight; my son is able to pick it up and manoeuvre around with ease; and doing so in complete silence. The soft rubber tyres are so quiet…very nice for mommy and daddy’s ears…unless he rings the bell repeatedly!

The brakes are a very cool feature! He no longer needs to destroy his shoes by braking with his feet or driving into the couch or wall etc to brake himself. This took him a while to figure out and get used to; but once he got the hang of it he too said “I am not crashing! 

It teaches them how to balance properly and it really strengthens their overall gross motor and hand and eye co-ordination skills! I would recommend that kids wear a helmet and proper protective gear when using the FirstBike as it is a little faster and higher than the normal scooter/push bike.

A truly fun and memorable experience “test driving” this cute little bike!”

FirstBike highlighted the key features for us below:

1. Our aesthetically appealing balance bikes are available in 10 sophisticated colors to choose from and 3 tyre options to suit any surface possible. The price range is R1380-1980 (limited edition)

2. FirstBIKE’s unique, injection-molded composite frame made of 30% glass fiber is extremely lightweight (3, 9 kg with a brake), very strong yet flexible. Thanks to the flexibility of the frame and pneumatic Schwalbe tyres of superior quality, FirstBIKES provide shock-absorption to help protect the child’s spine.

3. FirstBIKES are designed to be the safest balance bikes on the market with a range of important safety features including rear drum SafetyStop brake that ensures very gentle and gradual braking; a steering limiter helping the child control the bike and preventing falls; the horse saddle shaped seat from which a child does not slip off when riding downhill (and which is adjustable without tools in seconds), no sharp edges, no protruding screws, and sealed bearings to protect little fingers.

3. FirstBIKE’s innovative LowKit – which attaches easily and additionally reduces the frame’s height – allows toddlers to start riding a bike from 22 months old having their feet safely on the floor to push off and stop using their own legs.  The sooner they start learning to balance on a bike, the better. On FirstBIKES, children learn to ride intuitively and extremely quickly.

5. We are very proud of the quality of our balance bikes – which is why we provide a Lifetime Warranty on the frame and fork and a 5-year warranty on all other parts.

Available to purchase online at http://www.firstbikeafrica.co.za or watch one of their video clips below of the FirstBike in action





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