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Review: Epson L3060 Eco Tank Printer

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The Epson L3060 Eco Tank Printer is a must for any home. Being able to review this printer is a blessing. As you know, I have a LARGE family and with a large family comes high costs! Finding an economical way to handle our printing needs has always been top of my list.

My twin daughters are currently in grade 10. Grade 10, comes with a few challenges to say the least, one of which is the high work load. Throw art into the mix there and you can just imagine how much I was I spending on printer cartridges each month.

Well…. I will tell you; I was purchasing 3 cartridges a week to cover my children and my business printing needs. At roughly R220 per black cartridge and R330 per colour cartridge this equated to R1650 that we were spending per week!

This is a multifunction printer and is ideal for small business or a busy household looking for an ultra-low cost solution to printing all those school projects.

With it only holding 3 colours and black ink, the drip feed system removes the cost of ink cartridges and replaces it with affordable ink bottles. The drip feed system is easy to refill.  You are able to print  13 000 black prints and 6500 full colour prints per refill of ink, this far exceeds any expectation that you may have from your current printer.

With the printer being wifi enabled, one is able to seamlessly connect multiple devices to print from. Now in a household such as ours, where we have 4 children and 2 adults, printing can always be a challenge, so we simply loaded the Epson iPrint App to our kids phones and they were able to print away.

The Epson App allows you to scan documents as well!

The printer offers borderless print, wifi printing, copying in black & white and colour.

All in all, this printer was easy to setup as well as use and it has certainly been a great edition to our home and more importantly our office as well!

One is able to either connect using a cable or wifi connect, which is what we opted for.

The print head is a permanent one… if you have ever had a printhead go, I can tell you that it is more cost effective to replace the entire printer than to repair. This is fantastic news as it comes with a warranty as well.

The Epson L3060 Eco Tank Printer is available to purchase from most computer stores… don’t settle for anything else! It is priced at around R3000 – absolutely worth every cent.

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  • Willard September 17, 2019 at 3:09 am

    Hi, thanks for the assurance. Have just bought this printer and need affirmation.

    Looking forward to the experience.

  • 광주스웨디시 June 6, 2022 at 10:19 pm

    Perfectly written articles, Really enjoyed reading.


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