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Review: Disney Doorables

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Disney Doorables is a wonderful play house set that comes with Disney characters, their homes, and a surprise figure. Behind every door, a surprise is in store! Doorables are tiny replicas of all your favorite Disney characters but can be a joking hazard to children under the ages of 3. You’re able to interact with the fun houses.

Doorables allows you to mix and match different houses and make one big happy family. Soon your Mickey Mouse will be living in Elsa’s Ice Castle. There are many adorable Doorables to collect like Olaf’s chill house— everyone needs a chill house in the hot summer heat! There is also Repunzel’s creative corner for the young artists, Boo’s bedroom for all the little monsters and many more. In total there are 11 to collect, and wait, there’s more! This is only the first series!

For our lovely Mickey Mouse club house, you are given the cutest Mickey loud all happy, garden accessories like the one and only Pluto’s house, don’t forget the glittery Mickey Mouse house and the surprise mystery figure that I dare not spoil!

Who loves princesses and castles? We do! Meet our stunning Frozen Ice Castle. The glistering ice castle comes with a marvelous ice swing for our beautiful Anna to play on. We can’t forget about snow men buddies and the small accessories, there is even small food items, sleds, a s’more hut for any lucky person and even a Secret, surprise door! How magical does that sound? One of the most exciting part is the exclusive figure, climb the crystal ice stairs in the castle with her! It’s a snowball of fun!
Their house is big and dreamy.

The packaging is a lovely pink printed house box full of cuteness and magic.
Make sure to keep all the pieces together! Enjoy your magical fun.

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  • lameez February 21, 2019 at 11:53 am

    So adorable ,my girls will have so much fun with this

    • Parenting Hub February 21, 2019 at 11:54 am

      They really are so cute!


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