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Review: Cookie Creative Gingerbread House

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Just in time for Christmas, we received an amazing package from Cookie Creative! 

Not only are the Cookie Creative products packaged beautifully, but the instructions really helped the kids to be able to put these together with little adult supervision as such. 

My twins aged 17 and twins aged 11 worked together as a team to make sure that their cookie fun was a blast.

The Gingerbread House DIY Kit

This is the first time we have ever decorated  a gingerbread house so it was a fun new experience for us.

The gingerbread house comes with everything you need to have fun. The biscuits are pre-baked (and they taste yummy as well) taking the stress out of getting the form of the house correct. 

From amazing snowflakes, holly icing and so so much more, it is really easy to get started with this family activity. 

Each child took one section of the house and decorated it to how they felt it should be. My son (and the only boy) really took to this. He tends to not want to get involved in this sort of thing, but really got into it which made the entire experience that much better! 

And although the house did not turn out perfect, are probably the brightest gingerbread house out there… it was great to see my kids having some fun!

Once all the sides were decorated, we followed the instructions and let everything dry nicely.  The longer you leave the sides to dry,  the easier it is to put the entire gingerbread house together.  

We decided to decorate the roof last once the house was in place so that we would not break the delicious chocolate roof tiles!

All in all, as a family activity, this will be one of the most fun activities you could ever do together as a family! 

Don’t forget that you still have time to get your order in. The Cookie Creative Couriers nationwide and you wont regret it! 

Then…. The Christmas baubles 

The kit is supplied with just the right amount of ready made icing! You can let your imagine go wild, add the decorations (also supplied), string them up and have a delicious treat hanging on your tree. 

The kids really enjoyed the entire experience! 

Lastly… painting biscuits! 

The only thing that we did wrong here was use a paint brush that was too thick! With that being said, kids are kids and they still have fun no matter what the end product is. 

Get into the Christmas spirit and get ordering!


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