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Review: Chicco Bath Temperature Indicator & Bath Thermometer

Bath Temperature Indicator

The Chicco Bath Temperature Indicator is a wonderful device that can be used to not only measure the temperature of a room but is able to measure the bath temperature as well – did we mention it is super cute and it floats!

With the digital display, you can monitor your child’s bedroom temperature and ensure that the bath is just right with one simple product. 

This product will set you back approximately R120

Bath Thermometer

Another super cute floating device that can be used to get the best temperature measurement for your little one’s bath. With the thermo-strip, the thermometer will tell you what the ideal temperature is without the guessing games.

Both of these amazing and fun thermometers are available from leading retail outlets as well as Takealot, Loot and selected Kids Emporium stores. 

This product will set you back approximately R120

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