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Review: The BrainBox – The World Challenge

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Immediately I could tell that this was going to be a fun games night. We were lucky to be sent one the BrainBox Challenges; The World! And while there are 3 Challenges available, this one was a load of fun!

We played the game with our 10 year olds and our 16 year olds, the neighbour and the cousin. The basic concept in my head would be to relate this to a better way of playing a game of memory. Because we had such a large group playing, Im going to run through the concepts for 2 players or more. (Yes you can play this game alone… how cool)

The card comes with various images (which helps when playing with younger children) and the idea is for you to view the card image for 10 seconds, ensuring of course that you remember as many objects in as much detail as possible. There is a handy timer which is used to count down your 10 seconds. For the younger children, we gave them 20 seconds to view the card.

At the back of the card there is the questions sheet. After a roll of the die, if you land on number 2, then you have to answer the second question and so it goes on. If you are correct you get to keep the card. If you are incorrect then the you return the card to the box for the next player to choose. The player at the end of the game with the most amount of cards… wins.

Now for me as a mother of 4 younger children, games night can be somewhat challenging. As a parent we feel that games nights are not only fun but they are a great bonding tool with our children… a time to connect as a family.

Some game nights can be fun and others can be frustrating. This game however even with so many people playing it, was really fun.

I felt that it provided a great tool to teach my children how to pay attention to detail. We live in a fast passed world where our children are required to retrain a lot of information at one given time. I really do feel that this game can help improve anyone’s memory and more importantly while having fun.

Not only did we have a successful games night but our children increased their general knowledge about the world at the same time as improving their memory.

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These fun games are available to purchase at Time Out Toys using this link  https://timeouttoys.co.za/product-category/shop-by-brand/brainbox-games/

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