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Review: Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix

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Calling all Deluxe Ben 10 Fans!  This is a must that should be on your Christmas list this year!

The Deluxe Omnitrix Ben 10 watch has over 100 phrases and Sounds and your little boy can transform into one of 10 aliens.  Not only do you have alien phrase button, the moving hourglass iris, the activation button but you can view your favourite alien on your watch!

The watch has motion activation to play the alien sounds, you can press the button and turn the hourglass to summon your perfect alien!

A boys dream come true. Whether encouraging play with your son by having him turn into XLR8, where he will become the fastest boy in town or having a extra fun playdate with a friend, this item will provide loads of hours of fun and play.

I particularly liked that my boy was encouraged to use his imagination.  We have too many products on the market that no longer require this and getting back to basic play is what is all about.  What better product to do this with than with the Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix for ages 4 and over.

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