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Review: Babysense Cuddle Wrap – the ultimate swaddling blanket

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Whether you’re looking for the perfect baby-shower gift or to purchase for your own little loved-one, the award winning Babysense Cuddlewrap Swaddle Blanket is your best choice.

With an amazing secure design, the Babysense, Cuddle Swaddle Blanket has been designed to create a cosy environment mimicking the womb-like feeling for baby.  Wrapped just tight enough, it prevents the involuntary, jerky movements of baby’s arms and legs that can otherwise wake baby.  The cleverly designed heart shape has been specifically designed for a snug fit that wraps perfectly around your baby’s body negating the need for unnecessary poppers, Velcro or ties.

Babysense has always embraced the scientific insight in terms of how the senses impact learning, behaviour and emotional development.  They completely understand their products and the effects that they have on baby’s senses.  This has always been the inspiration and motivation to create products that are functional and practical but at the same time, beautiful and luxurious.  They believe that in this way, they are contributing to mothers raising calm and contented babies.

Swaddling baby has many benefits :

There is evidence that babies who are swaddled sleep longer and better.  Swaddling inhibits the immature startle reflex of babies which can disrupt sleep.

Pressure is calming for baby which is why swaddling babies cry significantly less.

Babies who experience difficulty feeding, tend to feed better when swaddled.

Babysense Cuddlewrap Swaddling Blankets are made from 100% pure cotton, lightweight for ease of wrapping and more importantly to keep baby feeling safe and comfortable.  Babysense Cuddlewrap Swaddling Blankets offer happy days and peaceful nights.

Babysense Cuddlewrap Swaddling Blankets can be bought directly from their website www.babysense.co.za

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