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Review: Babysense Bamboo Receiver Blanket

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If you’re looking for receiver blankets for your new baby, look no further than the Babysense Bamboo Receiver Blanket.  Naturally hypoallergenic and beautifully soft to the touch, Babysense Bamboo Receiver Blankets are 100% bamboo fabric!

When out and about, the generous size means you can turn one into an impromptu stroller shade or a soft place to lay your baby down.  The 100% bamboo fabric is silky soft, delicate yet durable with a bit of stretch allowing you to wrap your baby totally snug.

Babysense Bamboo Receiver Blankets are antibacterial which means that they contain a unique natural antibacterial bio-agent.  They absorb more moisture than cotton and are lightweight with an open weave.  Bamboo is the fastest growing renewable resource on earth.  With no pesticides needed for it’s growth, bamboo is naturally pest and pathogen resistant.

The Babysense Baby Receiver Blanket is an absolute basic necessity for the early days.  They are especially convenient for extra warmth, can be used to cover your pram, for feeding and even to cover your baby’s mattress, changing table or play area.

The team at Parenting Hub highly recommend that if you are an expectant mom or just looking to buy a gift for a friends’ babyshower, you cannot go wrong with the Babysense Bamboo Receiver Blanket.

About the Baby Sense 100% Bamboo muslin blankets

100% Bamboo muslin blankets are part of the high quality Baby Sense product range. The Bamboo muslin is naturally hypoallergenic and perfect as a year-round blanket. It is silky soft to touch and its generous size means you can turn one into an impromptu stroller shade or soft place to lay your baby on. Its delicate, yet durable weave with a little bit of a stretch, allow you to wrap your baby nice and snug.

The benefits of a Bamboo muslin receiver are that it is antibacterial, it absorbs more moisture than cotton, it is naturally silky to the touch, breathable and eco-friendly.

About Baby Sense:

At Baby Sense, everything we do is inspired by wonderful moms, and is perfected over many years. It all starts with a strong foundation of expert knowledge and practical learning, and results in beautiful, practical and well researched products that moms across the country have come to rely on.

Our products and services include a range of parenting books, baby products, apps, articles, seminars and workshops plus loads of tips and advice that has all been developed by leading parenting experts.

We’re all about designing products and providing information to empower parents around the world to experience this most precious and fascinating journey confidently and beautifully.

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