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My son and I were so excited when we opened our box from Kidsbox and saw all the fun bath time toys! Inside our box we found Bath Pops. The packet contained 8 capsules with a small sponge sea animal or shape inside. He watched in anticipation as they dissolved in the water and couldn’t wait to see what was going to emerge.

Next we tried out the set of Funky Faces Bath Time Foam Stickers. The pack contained 2 faces with 43 parts that can be used to make loads of funny face combinations. Bath time was never this fun!

My son’s favourite ‘toy’ of the lot was the Squish and Squeeze Jelly Bubbles. It is a bright, bubbling jelly that smells absolutely delicious! I had to keep reminding him that even though it smelled yummy, he couldn’t eat it! He loved squeezing the soft jelly between his fingers – such a fun fine motor activity that also creates mounds of bubbles in the bath!

We sang the “ABC” song as he pointed to the foam alphabet letters and we counted and tried to recognise the numbers too!

If you have a young child that doesn’t particularly enjoy bath time, these fun activities will definitely change that! Your little one will love spending this fun one on one time with you!

Buzz Off Spray review (free gift inside Kidsbox)

With South Africa’s hot and humid weather there is always a lot of mosquito’s and bugs around at night. I feel terrible when my kids wake up with mosquito bites all over their little bodies. It’s feels like I have failed them as a mom when I see them itching and scratching. Bug bites can make your kiddo MIZZZERABLE.

Even with them sleeping under a net, you always get that one mosquito that sneaks in and makes a feast out of your kids!

Some kids react much worse to bites and stings than others. My son is one of those kids whose mosquito bites take on a life of their own: they swell up into giant, itchy welts that last for DAYS. A week later, they are still bleeding and (get this) keeping him up at night – Completely unacceptable!

Like most matters that involve kids and chemicals, there are differing opinions on what’s best.

I am so glad to have discovered this wonderful spray from AconKids. It is called Buzz Off Spray, and it does just that, keeps the bugs away!

It is a light and easily absorbed body spray with a gentle blend of herbal oils. Safe to spray onto clothing and bedding too! The best part is that it is safe to use on babies from 3 months, or 6kg.

I love the smell of the citronella, cinnamon, lavender and peppermint oils. It sets my mind at ease knowing that I am not putting any harmful chemicals onto my kids’ delicate skin.

Just be careful when applying the spray that it doesn’t go into eyes or your kids are not inhaling it!

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