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Review: 3D Colorables

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3D Colorables is a fantastic way to help kids become more creative and to use their Imagination on a whole new level. This awesome idea was made for any one of four years and up to colour, inflate and play.  This is a great exercise to help children practice patience, keep them busy and out of your hair and it’s loads of fun! You are able to colour this great toy with just about anything; crayons, markers, pencils, you name it. I highly recommend colouring with markers as it adds such a beautiful boldness to your creation. 

Adult supervision is advised when blowing up in the inflatable. We had received a DIY unicorn sword and shield inflatable, but there are many other cool inflatables for boys and girls, such as dinosaur friends, dress up butterfly wings (helpful for imagination games and Halloween), dress up dragon wings, dragon shield with a sword, pirate swords and so much more!

Once you have coloured your magnificent toy, you are ready to inflate. You are given a slide straw that you place into the end straps and fill the straw with air, in a way you would with a balloon. Once you have sealed the inflatable, the inflatables with stay inflated unlike a balloon for endless fun. Warning: there is a choking hazard risk for children. Once you have inflated your fantastic toy, ready, set and play! Go one wild adventure through the trees and fight off your siblings or the masters of imagination and magic. 

Watch your children have an absolute blast and admire their artwork. For to purchase visit 

With a variety of 3D Colorables available, your kids will be having the best of fun in no time!

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