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Restore, Revitalize, Revive: Vit-C Shower is here to reawaken your senses!

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The provision of a constant, clean supply of municipal water is a necessity that underlies modern infrastructure – ensuring that convenience and hygiene are easily attainable, with water freely available at the turn of the tap. What is often overlooked; however, is that in order to achieve this, a cocktail of chemicals are added to the water supply. These include free chloride and chloromines, along with other heavy metal elements and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) such as pesticides, fertilizers, petro-chemicals, dioxins, radioactive materials and micro-organisms. 

Ideally, these substances should be filtered out of all consumable water as evidenced by the widespread popularity of household water filters and purification systems. Less known, but as important, is that impurities such as these can also be absorbed through the respiratory systems and eyes, whilst the highly absorptive nature of the skin means that up to 60% of the chlorine that most people absorb daily is due to showering or bathing in chlorinated water. 

 When it comes to incorporating filtered water into your showering routine though, things can get tricky as the efficiency of a carbon filter is severely compromised by high temperatures, pressure and the volume that a showerhead handles. That’s where, the latest in innovative technology ─ Vit-C Shower comes in! Delivering the benefits of Vitamin C directly to you, the Vit-C Shower combines intelligent design and the powerful effects of Vitamin C to provide users with a water supply that is dechlorinated and packed with natural benefits. As opposed to conventional filters that only remove around 20 – 50% of the chlorine in water, the Vit-C shower dechlorinates and neutralizes up to 99.8% of free chlorine and chloromines in the water. 

What makes this possible is the pioneering use of Vitamin C within a filter that is independent from the shower head. Exposure to Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid enclosed ceramic balls, not only allows for far greater dechlorination but also provides users with an array of supplementary benefits; helping in the growth and repair of all body tissues, formation of collagen, absorption of iron, wound healing, maintenance of cartilage, bones and teeth and immune system defences. This is then bolstered by a rigorous 12 stage filtration process that includes sediment filters in the form of micro-porous cotton and stainless steel mesh, along with a variety of additional elements that include calcium sulphite, malfan stone and tourmaline to ensure that the highest water quality is maintained. 

The negative consequences of chlorine and chloromines in our water are manifold. Amongst others, skin and hair are stripped of their natural oils thus possibly resulting in over 20% of infants and children, and 3% of adults suffering from eczema type skin conditions. What Vit-C shower offers is a chance to dramatically reduce this possibility, whilst providing gentle care for your skin in the form of water that is softer, gentler and which leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized!

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