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Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s – Baby Stain Remover

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Purity & Elizabeth Anne has developed a Baby Stain Remover which comes in a handy ‘roll on’ dispenser for easy application particularly to smaller garments. The convenient roll-on dispenser also ensures that there is very little wastage of this exciting new product that is free from colourants and chlorine.

Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Baby Stain Remover has been dermatologically and clinically tested for mildness and is tough on stubborn stains yet kind to sensitive skin.

Parenting Hub asked some of our readers to try this amazing new product for themselves and see what they thought.  They were extremely pleased with the results.  One mom in particular who is very reluctant to use stain removers because of her son’s very sensitive skin, said that she found Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Baby Stain Remover especially useful and gentle on her son’s skin.

“When I received my sample of Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Baby Stain Remover, I immediately decided to test it on my baby’s Christening gown which had been stained with medicine and was really surprised to see the stain disappear before my eyes!  I had previously tried other products that just didn’t work.”

Everyone wants their baby to look their best at all times but of course sometimes this just isn’t possible and it’s so easy for baby to soil their beautiful clothing.  Made from fabrics that are kind to our little ones skins, baby clothing can very easily become stained.  Having a handy stain remover in your handbag is every mom’s prayer answered!

The general consensus from our testers was that the roll on applicator was handy to use and made it easy to work the liquid directly into the fabric without any waste.  Most stains disappeared after the first wash, but with some stains one more application was required to do the job.

“Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Baby Stain Remover is a great product to keep on hand, and we would definitely recommend it for those stubborn stains that often leave your baby’s clothing ruined.”

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