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Prima Toys’ Top 10 for the Festive Season

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The Festive Season is upon us. And this year, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles will not only be spoilt for choice, they’ll probably remember some of the toys from their own childhood. Nostalgia toys continue to make a serious comeback, together with collectibles and toys that incorporate robotics and technology. This Festive Season there is something for everyone and for all ages from toddler to tween to teenager.

Below is the Prima Top Ten list for Girls, Boys and toddlers. 

For boys and girls there is A.R.I.A’s Adventures

A.R.I.A’s Adventures is the future of educational gaming. A.R.I.A’s Adventures is an educational interactive set with three different games in one box. With animated animal fact cards, first person jungle adventure gamer mode and 3D coloring pages, learning and imagination is brought to life.

A.R.I.A.’s Adventures includes 100 interactive flash cards, a Virtual Reality animal park and 3D colouring pages. Scan a card with a smart device to make the animals come to life.  Children can immerse themselves in a virtual reality animal park and learn fun facts as they go. The 3D colouring pages bring the characters into the real world.

Ideal for boys and girls aged 4 years and over, A.R.I.A’s Adventures is available at toy stores and retailers for RSP: R699.99

Treasure X

Especially for boys who love to hunt for treasure, Treasure X is a new toy that engages the senses. Children can have fun scratching, digging and unearthing the lost bounty. Like any good treasure hunt, Treasure X is about more than just what you find, it’s about the fun of finding it too. Hidden somewhere inside the Treasure X brick are a collectible skeleton figure and a treasure chest which contains the bounty. Children can unearth the buried goodies using the plastic X-cavator.  Even after excavation, the discovery isn’t over as the pieces of the figure need to be snapped together to reveal its themed character. Add water to the chest to trigger a fizzy reaction to find out if the treasure is gold. 

With 24 figures to collect and the potential for gold in each box, boys will keep wanting to dig for Treasure X.  RSP: R199.99 

Little Live Pets Bizzy Bubs

Part of the latest toys from Little Live Pets, the Bizzy Bubs are cute as can be! Bizzy Bubs are cute babies that interact with their pacifiers and bottles. Watch them bounce, babble, crawl and play. Ideal for girls aged 5 plus. RSP: R399.99. Available at toy stores and retailers countrywide.

Robo Chameleon


Move, Aim and Catch! A Robot Chameleon that can Shoot its tongue out and snap up its “food”!

There are 3 steps to catching Robo Chameleon’s food:

1. Walk your Robot Chameleon to the “food” by remote control

2. Aim the target!

3. Press “catch” on the remote

Robo Chameleon has a built-in extendable tongue to “catch” its “food”. It also has a LED Illuminated body, with multiple colour light changes. It also has a motorized tails and eyes that move when it walks. RSP: R699.99

VR Real Feel

For fans of virtual reality over the age of 8 years, the VR Real Feel range will meet all your Virtual Reality expectations and more. Each set includes everything you need including a VR headset, free iOS/Android app and a Bluetooth blaster for great control.

For even more realism, the experience is enhanced through feedback. The VR headset has a comfortable foam face, adjustable straps, and an adjustable cradle that holds up to an iPhone 7. The headset can also be used with other free VR apps from the app store or Google play. The VR Real Feel range includes Alien Blasters, Racing and Fishing. RSP: R699.99 from toy stores and retailers.

National Geographic Figurines

The range includes Dinosaur, Safari and Ocean animal figures to collect, play with and display. The toys help nurture a child’s zeal for exploration and interest in the world of animals. From dinosaurs to ocean creatures to animals that live in the African savanna, the range has many of them. RSP: R249.99

Shopkins Small Mart

Now Shopkins fans can shop to their hearts’ content in the Shopkins Small Mart universe.  There’s lots to collect and the shopping themed playsets include a delivery shute, treadmill registers, check-out counter, shopping trolleys and more.  From R49.99

Scruff a Luvs

Scruff-a-luvs are adorable fur ball, rescued pets. The toys come in pink or blue and untangle in water to reveal the puppy. The Scruff-a-Luv arrives as a sad ball of matted pink fur, but once you bathe them, dry them, brush them and love them, you will discover an adorable puppy! RSP: R299.99 from toy stores as retailers.

Peppa Pig

In recent years Peppa Pig has become a firm favourite amongst pre-school children. Some may even say that she has become somewhat of a celebrity with many fans the world over. So it is no surprise that the new Peppa Pig range of toys are set to become an essential part of the toy box! A wide range of Peppa Pig products is available at toy stores.

Toot Toot Drivers

One of the key toy lines from VTech this year is the Toot-Toot Drivers range. The playsets provide miles of learning fun. Each playset comes with different track shapes so that toddlers can use their creativity and reconfigure the set or connect to other Toot-Toot Drivers playsets.  A wonderful feature of the toys is that each playset is equipped with SmartPoint technology. SmartPoint locations recognise and respond to SmartPoint vehicles with sound effects. This added element keeps little ones engaged by boosting imaginative play and teaches cause and effect. Available at toy stores and retailers. 

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