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Preserving Family Memories

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Life should be about acknowledging the past, enjoying the present and preparing for the future. By balancing the three we’re able to live happier and better-rounded lives.  Children who have love linking the past, the present and the future are better equipped for success, as their sense of belonging is higher.

Looking back on your past, what keepsakes do you have that’ll trigger reminders of the good times? What about the present? How do you track your life? And the future, what are you doing to prepare for it?

Much of our past is lost, damaged or nonexistent. Sometimes if we have a few memorabilia, they are often out of sight and out of mind.  Wouldn’t it be rewarding to pull out records of who we were and what we were about to showcase to our children?  Wouldn’t this offer them an overview of our lives and provide them with a better sense of belonging? They might even be intrigued by our own legacy, don’t you think?

Let’s deal with the present: Most of our households have childhood memories stashed randomly all over the house. Have you ever thought of how much space you waste? Have you considered how time consuming it can be searching for that particular art, or the book of photos you put somewhere?

In search of a particular memory, you might even come across a precious keepsake you had long forgotten about. Doesn’t this indicate some sort of chaos?

If you’re like most parents you have your children’s certificates, photos and art squashed into sleeves that are in most cases small and inadequate. Sometimes boxes fill up with larger art and assorted mementos.  Does this sound familiar?

Have you haphazardly placed various precious items into the box only to realise that you seldom get a chance to look through these treasures?  Isn’t it a pain sifting through rumbled layers of differently sized paintings, projects and photos only to be confused with which year they actually belong because they haven’t been dated?

Also, what may have once been in some sort of chronological order gets shuffled each time you go through your treasure box or top shelf, becoming a disorganised mess, right? Time consuming and frustrating isn’t it?

Have you noticed how dogs’ ears start forming and paper starts to crinkle? These are signs of damage. What about kid’s art and projects that have been folded in half because you just don’t have a place big enough to put them?

If you’re not experiencing any of this yet it could be because your children are still very small.  If this is you, think for a minute where you’ve put your child’s ante natal scans, birth certificate or clinic card; how about the going home outfit, first set of booties or even your baby record book, photos or videos.

With a jumble of life’s irreplaceable moments fragmented all over the place, do you know what you’ve stored and where? Also how often do you actually go through thousands of digital photos? Isn’t the idea of taking photos and videos to capture moments to jog our memories and reminisce about milestones, families, friends, achievements, events and days gone by?

In a world where technology has taken over we often miss the opportunities to sit down, pause and ponder the essence of life.  Due to our busy lifestyles don’t our families often experience levels of disconnect?  Aren’t our children our everything?

By effectively preserving their precious memories and mementos we can ensure that each stage of their life is well connected.  A child that can look back in their past, nourishes the way they perform in the present and ultimately helps them to excel moving forward.

Being able to track life successes equips each individual with a proud sense of achievement, uplifting their self-esteem and propelling them to outshine their last performance.  We can further provide our children with a proud sense of belonging by capturing their life experiences in a way that can be shared and enjoyed regularly with family and friends.

Combine this love and support with assorted childhood art, photos, achievements, projects,digital memories and you’ll enjoy a happier and more confident child in return.

You’re invited to explore a revolutionary patented all-in-one system.  MY FILE ABOUT ME preserves and displays all precious memories, art, photos and achievements together.  This ultra-simple approach to memory keeping is ridiculously quick to put together and easy to use. No cutting or gluing is required plus it will save you so much space and time!

When you own MY FILE ABOUT ME you’ll love how neat, tidy and organised it is. So effective, you’ll enjoy a year-by-year story beautifully laid out.

Totally customisable, MY FILE ABOUT ME focuses around the needs and strengths of each individual child.  From pregnancy throughout school and beyond you can record just one stage, a select few or include them all.  Designed to grow together with your child, you can refill and expand your kit to your heart’s desire.

Built to stand the test of time: How would you like to create a legacy of your child to pass down his/her complete childhood story from generation to generation?


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