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Pregnant and too busy to eat healthily?

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Life doesn’t stop when you are pregnant. Most of us are still busy with a full day’s work plus the usual cleaning, washing, shopping and cooking chores while sometimes caring for older children as well. 

While mom-to-be knows that it is important for her own health and that of her baby to maintain a nutritious diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding, finding the time and the energy to do so can be tough.  

So it’s a good idea to stock the house with food like fruit, tuna, chicken, cold meats and salads to help her cope with typical tummy problems like nausea, constipation, cravings and the need for smaller and more frequent meals.

Convenient Mom2B® Pregnancy Shakes can also help to make her busy life a little easier. Affordable and tasty meal supplements in chocolate, strawberry or vanilla flavor, Mom2B® Pregnancy Shakes can be taken once or twice a day and are as easy to prepare as adding milk or water. They are packed with nutritional content to help her to acquire protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in a jiffy. 

Mom2B® Pregnancy Shakes are low in fat so they won’t add any extra calories to her diet. Yet the nutritional content of Mom2B® Pregnancy Shakes is impressive:

  • Very high in vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, biotin, folic acid and zinc 
  • High levels of iodine, iron and magnesium 
  • A source of calcium and phosphorus 
  • High in fibre as packed

It is no wonder Mom2B® is South Africa’s number one pregnancy shake. (*Nielsen MAT Dec 2017)

Mom2B® Pregnancy Shakes are available at selected pharmacies and retailers. Prices: around R135-R140 for a 400 g tin; R85 for five single serving sachets.

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