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Pregnancy: The First Trimester

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If you missed the announcement last week Friday, then SUPRISE! Dan and I are expecting our first little bebe in April next year. We are so excited, so nervous and feel so incredibly blessed. But along with all the ooh-ing and aah-ing at the cute baby clothes at Cotton On Kids, I’ve been navigating  my way through pregnancy and let me tell you, it’s been a crazy happy, overwhelming, exciting adventure so far.

By all accounts, I had a really easy first trimester but since I’m a first time mom-to-be there were definitely some things that kind of blew me out of the water and so I thought I might as well tell you about it, even if it’s just for you to laugh at me, which I totally don’t mind!

  • Pregnancy brain is real! In fact, this is how I just knew in my heart that I was pregnant, I hadn’t even missed my period yet. I started doing really stupid things because I wasn’t thinking properly. Things like putting a boiled egg into the microwave (BOOM!) and forgetting to put a bra on before I walked out of the house (seriously sexy). I got over the initial “stupid phase” after about 4 weeks but then the brain fog started. I would be speaking and then would literally stop mid sentence not knowing what I was actually talking about. A bit embarrassing when you’re in company. Thankfully that disappeared after about 8 weeks.
  • Your first scan is internal. Oh yes, you read that right! I had all these beautiful pictures of my first ultrasound in my head… Well when we got there and my gynae whipped out this um, shall we call it a probe, a condom and some KY I got a bit of a fright. She must have seen my face because she explained everything really nicely and asked Dan to step out for a few minutes. Besides the initial “what the hell?!” reaction, it really isn’t uncomfortable or embarrassing – your gynae should cover you all up nicely so that you don’t feel exposed.
  • Seeing and hearing that heartbeat for the first time will make you feel ALL the feels! It’s possibly the best sound and sight (even though I had to squint to see it) in the entire universe. There’s a kid in there, it’s alive and it’s yours!
  • The week or so before your first scan can be the most nerve wrecking time. For me personally it was the absolute crippling fear that there would be no heartbeat (this was the case with our first pregnancy, you can read a bit about that here). The night before and the morning of our 8 week scan I was a complete mess and felt so guilty because I was trying so hard to stay positive. When I saw that heartbeat though, I could literally feel the hugest weight being lifted off my shoulders.
  • Morning sickness…ha! Let’s not kid around, it’s all day sickness okay. Although mine wasn’t really that bad, it was certainly there. It felt like a very dull form of motion sickness and it just sits in your throat aaaaaalllllll day. Provitas and water got me through.
  • You think you know what tired is, but you have NO idea. I thought I would be okay, I had stayed up late partying, working, watching series and managed to get through the next day. No, just no. This is like a supernatural kind of exhaustion. I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat and felt like a walking zombie most of the time. It made me feel very groggy, like I was only half awake. Makes sense though, you are growing a human! Luckily, like clockwork, the day I hit the second trimester I could feel that I had more energy.
  • I started getting stretch marks in my first trimester. Yip, no exaggeration, I was devastated! And when people said to me “But you’re pregnant, give yourself a break” I would want to scream back “Stretch marks are forever you idiot!”. Yes, I was an absolute dream to be around. Look, I was aware stretch marks were inevitable but I didn’t expect them to rear their ugly head so quickly. Healthy eating and lots of stretch mark cream is what I’ve been doing to hopefully minimise the amount that I do get.
  • Reading how your kiddeo is growing inside of you is so incredible. When we were trying to fall pregnant I was obsessed with P Tracker, now that I am pregnant, I am hooked on two apps: What to Expect and Pregnancy +. Every week both apps give you the approximate length and weight of your baby and a fruit or veg that is a similar size (you might find yourself scouring the aisles of Woolies to find this fruit to cradle – hormones hey…). It will also tell you what is developing in both baby and your body. The only reason I like Pregnancy + a tiny bit more is because you can see scans and 4D scans week by week (not of your baby of course), this really helps me to visualise because I really battle to connect with something that I can’t physically feel  (yet) or see.
  • Your nose will rule your life for a while. I could smell a smoker 20km away and for about 3 weeks I could not see, smell or eat red meat. This has also calmed down a bit and I can finally enjoy a steak again, even if it has to be well done…sigh.
  • Your 12 week scan is even better than your 8 week scan, I think. I’m not sure why I expected baby to be lying still but I did. I almost fell off the bed when I saw the ultrasound! It wasn’t just a tiny pulsing blob anymore, you could see so much: little feet and legs kicking, a nose and eyes, tiny hands and fingers waving around and oh wow was this little human moving! It was like my placenta was a trampoline and baby was having the time of its life doing jumps and summersaults. This is probably why we couldn’t get the most amazing images printed but we spent a good 30 minutes watching all the action. Our gynae was just phenomenal and pointed everything out to us from the spine and brain to the little fingers. We measured a femur and it was only 1cm – can you believe that?! It really is the most surreal thing, I’m still pretty blown away by it all.

I could go on and on and on but I think I will leave it there for now. I’ll be honest and say that its quite difficult to watch your body change so much (well for me it is) and every now and then I have a cry about the weight or the stretch marks but then I stare at the ultrasound pictures and it isn’t as bad anymore.

I did a similar post on all the craziness that went through my mind when we were trying to fall pregnant, you can read that over here.

Disclaimer: Every pregnancy is different and so what I have experienced may not be what you will experience. Please don’t take what I say as gold, this is just my personal story. 

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