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Oops Traditional Wooden Toy selection

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Wooden toys always hold a sense of nostalgia about them.  Well crafted, old-fashioned toys that the generations before us enjoyed in many countries are now quite rare.  Oops has held onto the traditional European love of the wooden toy and ensured that children of today still get to enjoy building, playing and learning with the medium of wood.

The Multi-Activity Wooden House is the perfect example of traditional play combined with vibrant stimulation.  With the modern Oops characters as residents, the houses include a shape sorter, spinning cogs, a 3D clock and many other elements that generate the interactivity that starts a young mind working.  The ultimate toy that makes learning joyful and fun.

The smaller 3D Wooden puzzles from Oops for younger babies are a great starting point for intrigue and fascination.  With just 9 pieces to work with, very young babies can get building bright, character driven puzzles that will improve their coordination and keep them entertained for hours.

The Wooden toy selection from Oops is available at the following retailers: Hamleys Toy Stores, selected Kids Emporium stores, Me Mom and Dad,,,

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