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On the couch with Jessica: The truth about baby nappies and sleep …

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Having a baby who currently uses Hi Baby Premium Nappies, I have come to appreciate the double leak guards. I realise that it does indeed serve a good purpose … this being most evident when baby makes a mess in the nappy. Every so often bigger than one could imagine possible for a little human that size!

The double leak guard on the Hi Baby Premium Nappies and Pull Ups are made up of 2 layers:

1. The inner leak guard is closest to baby’s skin. This hydrophobic layer of material is waterproof and is neatly rounded off with a super soft trimming of elastic; designed to fit snug around baby’s legs. When the nappy is applied correctly it creates a seal to ‘retain’ whatever action is happening inside the nappy. 

2. The outer leak guard, otherwise known as ‘the leg cuffs’ of the nappy act as backup should anything escape. This is the part of the nappy that has ‘frilly bits’ around the leg. When babies are at a more active stage in their development this layer not only catches ‘overflow’ but helps to prevent chafing when moving around.

Always be sure to pay special attention to the leak guards when applying a nappy. Ensure that they are not overlapping or tucked in; and that the soft elastic trimming fits snug all the way around baby’s leg, groin and bottom.

Did you apply the nappy correctly?… Well, the proof will be in the ‘poooding.’

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Until next time, 

Sr Jessica Bredenkamp

(Registered Midwife (BCur) & Mom)

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