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It takes perseverance to steer and guide the child throughout their childhood. Iron-clad skin is a must, along with the ability to exhibit extreme effort in most circumstances. Demonstrating an endless capacity to forgive, and to be dependable twenty-four seven are definite qualifications.

We cannot omit a limitless time for talking and listening and patience when we have none left. It is necessary to show restraint especially when it is least deserved. Sharing a quiet stillness when they are young, and more importantly as they grow older, will be required.

Last, we have to put our children’s needs first before our own. It is essential to model the virtues of kindness, patience, responsibility, honesty, truthfulness, forgiveness, gentleness, and empathy if we aspire to see it in our children.

Children require decent role models more than they need constant criticism and unkind words. Most importantly of all is love. It’s not just our knowing that we love them but more importantly, their awareness that we do. Selfless is the word that comes to mind rather than selfish when giving our children time and money. There is a demand to make the commitment to never have mental, physical, verbal, emotional, or sexual aggression ever placed in our children’s lives. We can’t put our children in the background of our existences and then assume they will magically grow into astounding adults.

Being a parent means relinquishing our own wishes. Ask yourself if a plant would grow without any light, water, nourishment or care? Our children require far more watchfulness. The day we stepped into parenthood, whether desired or undesired, planned or unplanned, is the day it became necessary for us to be mature, accept responsibility, and suddenly place someone else’s requirements before our own. If we do this we potentially have a chance at raising beautiful children. Although there are still no guarantees regarding the outcome, The odds of our being successful are tremendously enhanced.

Parenthood is such an overwhelming and daunting task that it would make one question why any reasonable person would want to take on this job in the first place. We all have the potential to be worthy parents. The dilemma is that it takes extreme effort. We do need to give some thought to what parenting requires and just how we are accomplishing this remarkable duty. It will undoubtedly be the most demanding, rewarding, and significant calling we will ever have in this lifetime

Once we comprehend the magnitude of parenthood, we will not treat our children as objects that interfere with our lives. Each individual child is our own life’s essence. How we nurture our children and how much importance we give to them reflects the amount of value we have for life and each other.

The excuse that ‘my parents didn’t do it for me’ just doesn’t work. If we believe we were cheated, we need to question whether we want to repeat the mistakes or make our children’s lives wholesome. We are the adults now , with the ability to make things better for our

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  • Chanthea Brewis August 25, 2015 at 2:06 pm

    Children require decent role models more than they need constant criticism and unkind words.

  • Nicoleen Meeding August 26, 2015 at 12:53 pm

    I’ve learnt that we have to lead by example cause our children needs good role models and behave the way we would want them to behave. To always put your childs needs before our own and to spend good quality time with them, even if you have litte time.
    My son is James Meeding.


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