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From the moment that you engage with the Smartbox from Mysmartkid, you will be hooked and more importantly, so will your little one!  Mysmartkid has developed an exciting and interesting early learning development programme for young children specifically designed to cater for every stage of development.  Boasting a panel of experts which includes an educational psychologist, occupational therapist, art psychotherapist, a counselling psychologist and a speech and language therapist, Mysmartkid affords parents an outstanding opportunity to establish all the very basic skills required for their future.

Mysmartkid programme is based on six core developmental areas that address your child’s emotional, physical, cognitive and social growth.  Each Smartbox contains carefully selected age-appropriate educational toys that will keep your child occupied for hours and at the same time stimulating and equipping them with skills and brain development necessary for a solid foundation for school.

Because Mysmartkid is an interactive programme whereby parents are encouraged to play with their little ones, each Smartbox also contains a Parent Guide book.  Each Parent Guide book addresses all of the six core developmental areas which are :

  • Wellbeing
  • Identity
  • Creativity
  • Concepts
  • Communication
  • My World

These developmental areas are in line with the Department of Education’s Early Learning and Development Areas (ELDAs) making parents feel safe in the knowledge that they are purchasing and introducing their children to, a programme that has been well-researched and has the backing of an incredible panel of experts in the field of Early Learning.

Mysmartkid philosophy is that a child’s early years are the building blocks for future success. The early years of a child’s life are the windows of opportunity for their future success.  They fully understand that many parents and caregivers already know how important Early Childhood Development is, but that they may not be sure how best to help their child reach their full potential.

Mysmartkid believes that the most fulfilling way for a child to learn is through play which results in a well-rounded, happy, confident and connected child who will become actively involved in the world.  The beauty of the programme is that it not only guides parents in terms of each of the important milestones in a child’s development, but it also equips parents with expert tips on how to guide their child’s development in terms of achieving each of those milestones.  Even more importantly, Mysmartkid totally gets that all children are different and that they each develop in their own time and because of this, encourage and advise parents to use the Parents Guide, but to not compare their child’s progress to others.  They make parents feel comfortable knowing that their child will progress and reach each milestone at their own pace and when they are ready.

Each Parent Guide book included with every Smartbox plays a vital role in making the most of the age-appropriate toys and educational tools in the Smartbox.  Whilst the toys have been developed for children, adults too will find them intriguing.  There is little more reward than spending quality time with your little one and what could be better than playing together with toys that will entertain your child while at the same time, stimulate those vital skills and brain development required at that specific time in their life.

Being part of the Mysmartkid programme is a journey that parents can embark on with their young children – a journey of exploration and discovery.  It is a journey where interest is maintained through the ongoing anticipation of delivery of the next Smartbox and the discovery of new and interesting toys. It too is a journey that begins with setting the foundation for your child’s future – something that every parent wants to achieve for their child.

“Helping children to think and solve problems creatively is as simple as providing opportunities to paint, draw, invent, explore and play. Joining in the fun and spending valuable time together has amazing benefits for you and your child alike! The Mysmartkid programme is something we as parents could all use and I am excited to be a part of it!” says Debbie Mynhardt member of the panel of experts at Mysmartkid.

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