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What I love about the Mysmartkid concept is that it provides parents with knowledge, skills and activities which facilitate their children’s development in so many areas. This is done in a simple, accessible and really enjoyable way which provides the foundation for lifelong learning.” Says Catherine Barry, Speech and Language Therapist and member of the excellent panel of experts at Mysmartkid.

Playing is important to children. It is the way they practice growing up. Toys are the tools that children use in play and so providing them with educational toys that they can derive pleasure from and at the same time enhance their development, is the answer to any parents’ dream.  All parents want to see their children succeed in life and no-one understands this better than the team at Mysmartkid who have developed an exciting early childhood development programme that will suit all budgets.  For just a minimal outlay every two months, the Smartbox from Mysmartkid will be delivered to your door.

Not only is the Smartbox filled with really cool toys for your child to enjoy, but the team have expertly and skilfully selected toys that are age appropriate and focus on all areas of early childhood development.  This means that all the necessary skills that your child needs to learn and develop prior to starting school receive attention and you can be assured that they will benefit from playing with these excellent toys.

At Mysmartkid, the leading childcare experts are there to guide parents in all aspects of early childhood development. They will give you all the advice you need on how to help your little one reach their developmental milestones – every playful step of the way.

Mysmartkid has a philosophy that says they believe that a child’s early years are the building blocks for their future success and that your child’s early years are the windows of opportunity for their future success.  By educating parents and caregivers to help their child reach their full potential, the Mysmartkid programme allows for parents and caregivers to interact with their child through play.  The most fulfilling way for a child to learn is through play and through the Mysmartkid programme your little one will become a rounded, happy, confident and connected child.

Children all learn in different ways and there are various parenting philosophies for each method. However, certain basic learning principles apply to all children, at each age and phase. Involving your little one through all their senses and making sure that your timing is right is just one step in the right direction in terms of creating a fun and unpressurised environment for your child to blossom and grow.

When you become a member of Mysmartkid, you will receive the Smartbox every two months, which comes with a variety of age-appropriate and very easy-to-use educational toys.  Included in the Smartbox is a full-colour newsletter, which has advice and information that parents can use to help their child reach those all-important developmental milestones.  The contents of the Smartbox are fun.  They have all been developed in such a way as to encourage parents to interact with their child as well as encourage children to think for themselves and solve problems for themselves.  Parents will be surprised to find just how much fun their little ones will have playing with the toys from the Smartbox.

The panel of experts at Mysmartkid have selected age-appropriate toys for the Smartbox, for all age groups.  They have identified six main areas of development that you as a parent should be focusing on with your child and the toys that have been selected will aid in doing just that.  In each Smartbox you will also find a milestone development guide, which is very helpful for parents to identify where their little one may be having problems and therefore pay more attention to those areas.  Over and above the toys from the Smartbox, parents are able to purchase many more excellent toys from the Mysmartkid website.

Included on the website is an excellent blog which offers articles that will educate parents and give them great tips and ideas on what they can be doing with their child to stimulate them and help with their early childhood development.

When joining the Mysmartkid programme, participants will receive two free gifts which is a beautiful Mysmartkid kiddie’s backpack and an exclusive handbook on Early Childhood Development.  Parents will find that this is just the beginning of a long and rewarding relationship with Mysmartkid where they can watch their little one develop into a beautiful well-rounded balanced young person!

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