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MyaJoy: Small but mighty breast pump

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At last South Africa has the most amazing breast pump: the MyaJoy. True to Ameda’s commitment and dedication to mothers’ comfort and safety they have added the MyaJoy to their collection of closed system high quality breast pumps. So, what is so amazing about the MyaJoy! WELL EVERTHING!!!

Why the MyaJoy will make you happy:

  • Hospital grade suction- This little pump can maintain suction of 250mmHG which puts it in the same league as a Hospital-Grade pump
  • Personal use- Your own private breast pump that has hospital grade technology- no need to share it
  • Size- Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand or your pocket. Yes! it really is that small.
  • Ultra-quite- Perfect for discreet use at home or in the office and can be used while making a phone call without the telltale pump sound interrupting your conversation.
  • 100% Portable- The MyaJoy can easily fit into your pocket or clip onto your belt
  • Closed system- Must for all breast pumps
  • Easy to use- Swop easily between stimulation and expression mode and find your perfect setting for the best milk expression
  • Price- Super competitive have a look at our online store for any specials 
  • 2-year Warranty. That is so amazing! 
  • Double electric breast pump- Can be used as a single electric as well 
  • Has an LCD back lit screen- You can use it in the dark and not disturb your sleeping baby or partner. 
  • Power source- You have the option of using the power cable or rechargeable batteries. 

Its size is the first thing that you notice about the MyaJoy breast pump. It is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. It has a clip on the back which makes it super easy to clip on to your clothes and totally 100% portable. This means that you can go about your daily business while pumping, talk about a true time saver. So, it is small and portable, and you will not believe how quiet it is with sound <45db. Even on its strongest settings it does not make more noise than a cell phone on vibrate. Being ultra-quite is such an amazing feature, you can watch TV easily, have a conversation or even use the pump while working as it hardly makes a sound. 

This little pump has Hospital-Grade-Technology. This is so impressive because it uses so little power, is so small but can still maintain the suction level of 250mmHg the same as a hospital pump. The MyaJoy fits so easily in the category of a hospital grade pump. This means that you can now put a Hospital-Grade breast pump that you do not have to share it with anyone. This little power pump is all yours. 

The MyaJoy is super easy to use with a stimulation and expression mode. When you start pumping the pump will start on the stimulation mode. This helps to get your “letdown” started. A “letdown” is when your milk starts to flow, and your milk is “letdown” from your breast ducts. Once this happens you can then change modes to the expression phase which has deeper longer sucks that imitates your baby’s breast feeding. With the Stimulation phase there are 6 settings and the Expression phase has 12, so that you are always able to find your most comfortable settings. Just like with breast feeding you need to be comfortable, to get the best results. So you should use the most comfortable settings on your breast pump. It is not always necessary to use the highest setting to get the results you want. 

As women we come in different shapes and sizes, this is what makes us beautiful, and this is true for our breasts.  Ameda knows that breasts and nipples are not all the same and that is why the MyaJoy has 7 different flange sizes that helps you to have a more comfortable fit while expressing. If the fit is too tight it can result in a rubbing or a chaffing feeling and if it is too loose too much of your breast can be pulled into the flange which can negatively impact your expression experience. You will want to love your pump and by having the correct flange size this makes pumping easy and a breeze. 

The MyaJoy is a closed system breast pump. Absolutely 100% and FDA approved. Ameda is dedicated to making the safest breast pumps for moms and a standard for that is to have a closed system. The MyaJoy uses the Ameda Dual HygieniKit which is a closed system at the flange site. This means that no milk or moisture can entre your breast pump or tubing. This is important because when milk can entre your pump or tubing (like with open system pumps) mold, bacteria and viruses thrive inside the pump and tubing. The closed system will prevent these nasties from growing in your pump and contaminating your breast pump. The nasties are really gross and could be dangerous for your baby.   Another perk is that you never have to worry about cleaning the tubing of the MyaJoy! One less part to clean. With the MyaJoy you only need to clean and sterilize 4 breast pump parts. How easy is that. By having less parts, it is also super easy to put back together and start your next pumping session. 

If you are looking at getting yourself a breast pump, then the MyaJoy should be on the top of your list. It has all the features that a mom needs to pump comfortably, quickly, and quietly. The MyaJoy is an absolute game changer for moms who are wanting to breast feed for longer. The price and the 2-year warranty make this little pump so competitive in the breast pump world. The warranty makes sure that you don’t have to worry about the motor burning out or some other malfunction. If you want to find out more about this amazing little pump please use our website . Here, you will find out more information on the MyaJoy and you can purchase it. We deliver straight to your door, so you don’t even have to leave your house. 

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