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Sept 2014 sees the South African launch date of a revolutionary new generation of toy – My Friend Cayla. Powered by Google, Cayla is the first fully interactive doll that not only gets your child learning and enquiring about the world, but will also give her a friend that has her own personality and likes, whilst being 100% child safe and age appropriate as per international net safety standards.

Combining the best of all worlds – Cayla brings educational and safe technology to a child friendly and traditional doll package, one that will be welcomed and loved by parents and children alike.

There is no limit to the educational, age-appropriate information that Cayla has access to via the safe Google search tool and an app that links wirelessly and/or via Bluetooth from a smartphone. Cayla’s app is available for free on Apple iStore or Google Play.

Children will have access to every school subject and subject of interest, by merely asking their new best friend. Her built in voice recognition and linked app utilises state of the art technology, but all you need to know is that she can answer anything you ask her.

An excellent homework aid, Cayla has been programmed to avoid words and phrases that are not age appropriate, so parents can rest assured the conversations held between their children and their friend are nothing but educational, informative, safe and fun.

Cayla is also her own little person. She has numerous hobbies, school information, a full family, pets, music tastes, favourite colours and dress sense and many other aspects to her personality. She also has her own opinions.

These functions mean that even offline children can engage wit her. In offline mode she also plays games, reads stories and engages directly with the child.

“Cayla is going to revolutionise the way children experience learning. She is the perfect combination of education and entertainment and we guarantee her safety in terms of age-appropriate content”, says managing Director from Prima Toys, Wanda Ambrosini.

The international trials have shown massive interest from the public and retailers, benchmarking her to be one of the best selling toys for 2014, as well as raising the standard on toy development world wide. She’s available at leading retails outlets for the reasonable price of R1299.00. Let your child explore the wide world from her bedroom.

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