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Melcura Balm and babies

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Medika SA, creator of the brand Melcura™ known for the medical-grade honey-based range, Melcura™, is part of The Southern Medical Group, a leader in medical devices. We are a proudly South African company that started in 2002 with expertise in advanced wound care products. Our Melcura™ products are the go-to products in trauma and burn wards within South Africa. 

Our Melcura™ HoneyBalm is a skin-protecting ointment that will soothe and moisturise baby’s delicate skin and help to treat diaper rash on little bums, minor bites and itches, cradle cap, and other minor skin irritations. It can treat chins from drool at teething time and little scratches from those tiny finger nails. It will even work wonders on mommy’s cracked nipples or dry hands from all the constant hand washing between nappy changes. Formulated with medical-grade Fynbos honey, avocado oil, and beeswax to nourish and protect sensitive skin, this product will treat skin rashes, irritations caused by eczema and dermatitis, sunburn, small skin wounds, chapped skin, and nappy rash. 

Benefits of Melcura™ HoneyBalm

  • The medical-grade honey has wound-healing properties
  • The avocado oil is moisturizing and nourishing and is quickly absorbed into the skin
  • The beeswax forms a protective barrier layer on the skin and locks in moisture
  • The product moisturises and helps to replenish and protect dry, damaged, chapped, cracked and irritated skin
  • Soothes dry skin and promotes healing, keeping skin soft and supple

How to use

  • Apply liberally for nappy rash, cradle cap and dry and irritated skin areas


  • Always do a patch test first to ensure your baby does not react to any of the ingredients however unlikely this may be
  • Discontinue use if reaction occurs

Did you know?

A baby’s skin is more susceptible to chemicals, artificial fragrances and other nasties found in conventional baby products and may cause a reaction. We only use 100% safe ingredients in our Melcura™ HoneyBalm, to ensure your baby’s skin stays soft, smooth and allergy-free. The medical-grade Fynbos honey is specially treated to sterilise the honey, but keep the healing enzymes active. This is to make sure no bacterial spores or pollen and other contaminants are introduced onto your baby’s skin or wound which can cause infection. The formulation is alcohol-free, fragrance-free and free from petroleum, mineral 

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