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Meet the Crew – The world of Snap Ships

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The year, 2499. There is still good. There is still evil. Evil is winning. They came out of nowhere, an alien species wiping civilization one by one, stealing technology and making it their own, leaving nothing but chaos in their wake. We are all that stands between them and what is left of civilization. 

Snap Ships is a versatile building system for creating multiple crafts with action play. A space themed toy with a strong emphasis on construction and interactivity, supported by a complimentary AR (Augmented Reality) mobile app, it is more than all these elements that makes this the must own toy. Behind it all lies a rich world of adventure for children to immerse themselves in. They aren’t just playing with a toy but will be living out an adventure alongside their favourite Forge fleet hero’s.

Join us as we introduce you to the hero’s of Forge fleet!

2Bells has the heart of a lion, the strength of a military cargo plane, and is an incredibly picky eater who hates cramped spaces, small talk, and bad manners. 2Bells is the Forge’s muscle in any battle. His tough, rock crystal exterior can sometimes hide his more delicate quirks.

2BELLS – “…*alien sounds* …”

Atam is a brilliant mind, an incredible multi-tasker and an avid lover of all forms of puzzles and games. His easy going, chill demeanor masks a driven focus that can see Atam work for days – fueled by his passion to solve complex puzzles. Subscribe to our channel to discover a surprising mystery about Atam!

Atam – “I have a plan. It’s risky, but it just might work! …. Oorah! Oorah!”

Although young by human standards, Dee La is one of the most accomplished, intelligent and qualified Snap Ships pilots in all of the Forge ranks. She knows this and always expects the best of herself. When faced with a challenge, she takes it head on – hard. Dee La comes from a race of incredibly strong and proud people known for their expert navigation and piloting skills.

Dee La – “Since ancient times, my people travelled the waterways of our planet, natural explorers. We’re still renowned for our piloting skills. We’ve just gone from waterways to space lanes.”

Dex is the Commanding Officer of The Forge – he is a leader, a warrior, and always willing, ready and able to stand on the front lines of space combat. Dex is tasked with leading forward operations, combat ops, as well as providing further training to the best-of-the-best Snap Ships.

Dex – “… and we are the last chance. I’ve lost family, friends, home, but with your help we will not lose more.”

Klik is one of the best pilots in the universe. Fearless, driven, and hungry to prove himself, Klik takes risks – sometimes against everyone’s better judgement. His ability to see Snap Ships transformations like no one else gives him a flying ability that borders on a superpower, but his humble upbringing forced him to become a Snap Ships technician instead of a pilot. Will his dreams of flying ever come true?

Klik – “My father was a forge pilot, he was the best, fighting to protect us….”

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