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Medela Breastmilk Storage Bags

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The Medela breastmilk storage bags are an excellent product for all parents to use. This product is perfect for all breastfeeding moms, as it will allow you to pre-pump and store any milk which you need to. Read on below for everything you need to know on the Medela breastmilk storage bags now.

When You Would Use A Storage Bag

A lot of moms begin to pre-pump their milk as they prepare to go back to work. This will allow your creche or care taker to feed your baby when you are not there. It will also allow you to maintain your milk supply, even though you may not be breast feeding. 

Milk storage bags give mothers many benefits in use:

  • They are easy to store and do not take up too much space within your fridge
  • They are easy to transport
  • They can be frozen to preserve your milk for longer

As you can see, these bags are the dream must haves for all pumping moms!

Features Of The Medela Breastmilk Storage Bags

The Medela breastmilk storage bags have a lot to offer to moms, however, how do you know you can trust them? Take a look at their full features below:

  • Free From Harmful Materials: all Medela Breastmilk storage bags are made with no BPA in them, making them safe for you and your baby.
  • Capacity: one bag is able to store 180ml of milk
  • Double Zip: the double zipper feature of the bag ensures that it is sealed securely, preventing any leakage
  • Durable: the bags are made from durable materials ensuring that they will last in your freezer

Get The Medela Milk Storage Bags Now

As you can see, the Medela milk storage bags are a great product for all moms out there. Whether you want to freeze and store your milk long term, or just express and store whatever baby doesn’t drink during a feed, these are the ideal storage products for doing so!

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