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Massaging Your Baby

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Massage is a lovely way of expressing your love for your baby; it is a time to bond with your little bundle of joy.

Benefits of Baby Massage

Massaging your baby has many benefits; it can help your baby to develop mentally, physically and socially. It helps your little one to relax, cry less and sleep better. As a parent it can help you feel more empowered as you learn to handle your baby with more confidence.

It is special times set aside to bond with your little one, talk to him/her, and have plenty of eye contact. A regular message with dad also helps your partner to connect with your little one and bring them closer together.

Best Time To Massage Baby:

Ideally try and massage your baby between feeds, when he/she is not too hungry or full. It is best to massage your baby when he/she is awake but content. Massaging your baby as part of a bedtime routine, ideally just after a bath, will help your baby wind down and be calm and ready for sleep.

Have everything you need ready before you start the massage. Ensure the room is warm and that baby will be comfortable with the temperature. Have massage oil (Bennetts Bath Drops is ideal for baby massage as it is colour and fragrance free and suitable for your little one’s sensitive skin), a towel to dry or clean afterwards, clothes to dress your baby and everything you need for a nappy change at hand to ensure your little one stays calm after the massage.

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