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Manage Teen Burnout: Try Resilience Coaching

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At IWalkAwake we understand that most students are currently suffering burnout due to fragmentation, being overwhelmed, and too many distractions about the way forward.

For the last 5 years I have been coaching individuals and have found 4 core struggles in the area of personal resilience:

  • Self-Esteem: work to solve this by sticking to healthy habits that build personal resilience and perseverance and celebrate the small wins along the way in order to feel good and stay motivated.
  • Individual Learning Style: understand how you process and absorb information in order to optimise your learning capability and capacity.
  • Daily Routine: get clear on what works for you as an individual to build healthy momentum throughout your day, week and month ahead.
  • Crystal Clear Context: know and live your values and compelling vision that keeps you excited as you live into them!

To break-through these struggles we need to build our motivation and self-esteem from the inside out. This means that at the beginning of each day you should take a conscious look at how you are doing. For example, you should score yourself out of 10 on physical energy, emotional wellness, mental sharpness and connection to purpose or a greater cause. Where you score lower, you can ask yourself what you need to make happen in your day ahead that will raise that score. What are you grateful for right now? What is your intention for today? What affirmation can you choose or create to frame your day ahead?

Done with compassion and genuine curiosity, this “checking in” morning practice will not only get you conscious, but will also support you in building and staying true to healthy personal habits.

Then at the end of each day we can reflect on the small wins and how well we lived into our values and vision for the day. What were your favourite moments? What lessons did you learn? What would you do differently tomorrow to improve your day?

This end of day “checking out” practice is a game changer in terms of keeping us conscious and on track. Remember that each small win made conscious releases dopamine in your brain (that feel-good chemical that is linked with motivation). Better still, a series of small wins guarantees a constant supply of dopamine, which is released during goal-oriented behaviour and results.

In addition to the above, your individual learning style can be discovered through working with a life coach who understands personality profiling, cognitive processing and behavioural therapy.

Should you or your teen require coaching support or motivation, you are welcome to schedule a call with me, Adam the Coach at +27 82 320 5570 or

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