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Making Mental Health Matter

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Discovery Health and SADAG (South African Depression and Anxiety Group) are proud to announce they will be holding a one day workshop on ‘Making Mental Health Matter” facilitated by the world renowned CBT (cognitive behavioural therapist) expert Prof Stefan Hofmann in both Johannesburg (4 November) and Cape Town (6 November).

We would like you to nominate a member of your staff, who you feel would benefit most from attending this one day media workshop with both international and local speakers will be discussing depression, social phobia, substance abuse, trauma/PTSD, phobias and suicide. As well as case studies sharing their own real-life stories.

With International Guest Speaker, Prof Hofmann, a Professor at Boston University’s Clinical Programme, is coming to South Africa specifically to update press and media interested in mental health journalism about CBT. He is a world leading CBT specialist, with a interest in Social Phobia, Anxiety and Schizophrenia. He will be focusing on why psychological treatments, such as CBT, are so effective for anxiety and mood disorders?

This is a rare opportunity for journalists to learn more about modern CBT, some of the areas he will discussing are:

  • Why are psychological treatments, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, effective for anxiety and mood disorders?
  • How can we translate knowledge from basic neuroscience into practical techniques?
  • How can psychological treatments be made more culturally sensitive in order to enhance their efficacy, dissemination, and acceptability?

Why is it important for your reporter to attend?  Not a day goes by without reports of suicide, trauma – which leads to post-traumatic stress – and simply the galloping rate of depression in our country and worldwide.  The effects of which are enormous and impact not only on business, but on families – on your readers, listeners and viewers. SADAG will provide you with info sheets, stats related to South Africa and lists of professionals and case studies to interview for your stories.

For those coming to Johannesburg from ‘out of town’, all travel and accommodation will be paid for.

Please come back to us as soon as possible as we need to confirm travel and accommodation details.

This workshop will go a long way to arming these reporters with the skills and understanding of writing on complex mental health issues, as well as giving them invaluable local and overseas sources to utilize on an ongoing basis.


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