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The early years are regarded as most critical for establishing the foundation for development and academic success for children.

Play is vital for children to learn new skills such as fine and gross motor skills, language and communication, cognitive skills and social and emotional development. All of these skills combined form the basis for early childhood development.

Teaching these skills is as simple as playing a game. Take for example playing “Peek -a-Boo”. This simple game teaches them about object permanence (the fact that something still exists even if you can’t see it). The usual fit of laughter that accompanies the game is what play is all about.

Most babies develop physically, mentally and emotionally in a similar pattern. These developmental steps are known as milestones. Reaching certain milestones prepares the child for more advanced development later on. Missing a milestone could have adverse consequences later on, for example, a baby who does not crawl and immediately starts to walk may suffer from low muscle tone and/or problems with fine motor skills such as holding a pencil.

Another important element of learning is repetition. Repetition provides a more comprehensive understanding of concepts as the child is able to take in different information each time. Repetition is also important for physical brain development as nerve connections that are repeatedly used become stronger. Repetition allows the child opportunities to strengthen these connections.

Little Thinker has designed and developed the THINKER BOXan innovative home stimulation program to help you ensure your children reach their core developmental milestones through play.

The THINKER BOX contains age appropriate and fun activities to do with your children. By encouraging learning through play, you can make sure your child reaches all their important developmental milestones.

Each module covers a three month period and includes five boxes (Monday to Friday) containing flashcards and the items for the activities, a milestone development tracking chart and two reading books.

Our product has been reviewed by a physical therapist, so you have the added comfort that the activities are indeed focused on the core developmental milestones per age group.

How the THINKER BOX helps you:

  • We’ve done all the research on early child development – so you don’t have to
  • Flashcards are simple and easy to understand
  • The age appropriate activities are easy to do
  • The equipment for activities is included
  • The structured, yet fun format ensures that you do the right activity at the right time
  • A developmental milestones chart helps you track your child’s progress and identify possible delayed development areas

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