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Makeup for teens

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If you are a teen or have a teen, the chances are that they are ready to start experimenting with makeup. They are now at the age where they want to start taking care of their appearance & highlight certain features. It’s always so difficult deciding what is appropriate without being over the top.

Here are some makeup ideas that will be suitable for a teen where simplicity is key:

  • Focus on the complexion and skin health first. It is never too early to start or have a skin care regime. Make sure your teen is cleansing and moisturizing their skin. A nice gentle face wash and makeup remover should be used to remove all traces of makeup so that pores do not get clogged as clogged pores can cause blackheads and breakouts.
  • Teach your kids from a young age about using an SPF. This is the best thing they can do for their skin. Teens are always going to the beach or hanging by the pool therefore an SPF will protect against the harmful UV rays which will cause pigmentation & premature wrinkles later in life. 
  • Prep your skin. Using a primer will not only even out your skin and make for a smooth surface for your BB Cream or Foundation, but also act as a barrier between your skin and the BB Cream or Foundation and prevent your pores from becoming clogged. Try using the essence prime plus studio protecting +skin perfecting primer which contains an SPF of 20 for added benefit.
  • Finding the perfect base. When it comes to foundation for teen skin, I find that it is not necessary and that a BB cream works just as well. If your teen is looking to cover acne, then rather spot conceal with a concealer and then use the BB Cream all over the face. The goal is to look as natural as possible. Try the CATRICE Clean ID BB Cream.
  • If your teen has a pimple that is red, try covering it with green concealer first which helps to neutralize redness, then spot concealer with your normal concealer. 

Try using the CATRICE Colour Correcting Concealer.

  • When it comes to concealer, your concealer should always be a shade lighter than your natural skin tone so that it highlights the under eye. Apply the concealer in inverted triangles under the eye area and blend in well. Try the essence camouflage healthy glow concealer.
  • For brows, you want to keep them full and natural just tamed and neat, so my suggestion is to use a tinted brow gel to comb them in place. Try using the essence make me brow. Choose a colour closest to your natural hair colour.
  • When it comes to eyeshadow, shimmers are great because they are transparent, but earth-tone shadows can work well too. Try the essence brown palette.
  • Apply 2 coats of mascara, using a mascara wand in between each coat to prevent clumping. Use the essence lash princess mascara which is a cult favourite amongst makeup artists.
  • A touch of blush. For blush colour choose a colour you get when you pinch your cheeks. That will be the correct shade for you. essence has a variety of blushes to choose from. A favourite of mine is the essence matt blush. 
  • Sheer lipstick or lip gloss, and that is really it. Try any of the essence ultra last lipsticks or shine shine shine lip-glosses. These will work perfectly to finish off the look. 

Your teen will want to experiment with makeup as part of growing up. Help by suggesting the right product and age-appropriate makeup tips.

Mothers have a great responsibility here to teach their daughters about makeup. Mothers and teens may even want to go in together for a makeup lesson.

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