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We work together with parents to protect and nurture our children against the negative and harmful consequences when they overuse and misuse technology and screens. This includes having access to the internet and social media via smartphones before grade 8 or the age of 13. We at the TechnoLife Wise Foundation support and encourage parents and caregivers to take the pledge that’s available on the foundation’s website. We want to connect like-minded parents to support each other and to form champion member groups. These groups can meet in person when and where it’s possible or else via e.g., Zoom or Teams, to discuss different implementation challenges and to find solutions that can work for everyone and in certain environments with children of different ages. 

We also support the implementation of a no-cell phone-at-school policy. We launched our partnership with Roosevelt High School in September 2022. They implemented such a policy already since 2016. They are willing to share their policy and implementation challenges and tips with other schools. You are invited to watch the insightful video with thought-provoking input from the children and teachers on the foundation’s website. 

We focus on Active Digital Wellness. This means that we must ACT, and stand together to ensure a bright future for our vulnerable children. We must ensure that they are not overusing screens and technology by implementing clear boundaries. Many young children are nowadays diagnosed with ADHD, Autism-like symptoms, and other learning and neurological disorders, including squint eyes, epilepsy, etc. The culprit in many of these cases is too much screen time and limited movement. Therefore, the consequence of this is total underdevelopment of the child in a human way through movement and exploration with all their senses in a natural setting. The natural and healthy way of development and learning through play support the unlimited development of a child’s unique potential and happiness.   

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