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“Life doesn’t come with a manual it comes with a mother.” – Anonymous

Feed, burp, change, sleep. Feed, burp, change, sleep – it’s an endless cycle when you have a baby, so mothers need all the help they can get.

Love ’em or hate ’em, baby nappies will consume quite a lot of your time and money for the first few years of your little angel’s life. Did you know that when your baby is a tiny 3 to 6 kilograms, you will use on average 6.5 nappies per day. That’s 45.5 nappies a week and 182 nappies a month. Luckily as your baby grows, the average number of nappies that you’ll need goes down; however, it’s still a lot. By the time your baby weighs 12 kilograms and is approaching potty training, he or she will need an average of 4.5 extra-large nappies per day, which adds up to about 126 baby nappies a month. Still quite a number – and they all end up in the rubbish bin!

Babies can’t speak or fend for themselves, so we went straight to the person who knows them best and loves them most: their mothers. As a parent, you look for the best baby nappies to help you keep your baby dry, clean, comfortable and nappy-rash free. Hi Baby is a premium nappy of AAA quality which you can buy online at your convenience, day or night and from the comfort and safety of your own home. Hi Baby also supplies adult nappies for those adult family members and loved ones who may need a little extra help. 

We have spoken to moms and incorporated their feedback to bring you Hi Baby nappies and pull ups. This is why moms love Hi Baby nappies and pull ups.

1. Advanced leak protection: the truth about baby nappies and sleep  

Hi Baby has a unique double isolated insert lining that prevents moisture from leaking outside the nappy. There’s nothing worse than having to change a tired baby and soaked bed linen in the middle of the night because your baby’s nappy has leaked. How many times, while carrying your baby, have you felt a warm wetness as your baby’s nappy has leaked onto your clothes? Very inconvenient if you are not at home and close to a change of clothes. So to avoid leakage, our baby nappies use advanced technology to give you a cloth-like and breathable PE film back sheet and a double non-woven leak guard to avoid side leakage.

Hi Baby nappy = 1 dry night and a happy, rested mom.

2. Absorbency

A good nappy keeps wetness away from your baby’s skin helping to protect them against irritation, nappy rash and chafing. Nappy rash is a mother’s worst nightmare, as she hates to see her baby’s delicate skin red, raw and sore from being wet for too long. To keep the wetness away from your baby’s soft skin and keep it healthy and dry, Hi Baby has a super-absorbent core with a specially designed transfer layer to help spread the liquid evenly through the whole nappy. For those moms and dads who use cloth nappies, Hi Baby nappies provide the perfect alternative at night, eliminating the need for multiple night-time changes, keeping your baby dry and comfortable and giving you a full night’s sleep.

3. The perfect fit

Hi Baby’s soft surface and stretchy sides gently protect babies’ delicate skin and the baby nappies comfortably adjust to their shape. This allows your baby to kick his or her little legs, roll over and crawl all day without being restricted by a nappy that doesn’t fit properly, falls off or chafes and rubs.


  • Hi Baby’s soft elastic waistband makes our baby nappies fit better and provides your baby with more comfort.
  • Our resealable magic tape system allows for easy application and a snug fit.

4. Wetness indicator

Hi Baby nappies have a line on each nappy that turns from yellow to blue, letting you know when it is time for a change. Mothers are very busy people, many of whom work as well as look after their homes and families, so what a convenience and time saver to be able to look at your baby’s nappy and see at a single glance that he or she needs to be changed. This will prevent baby from wearing a wet nappy for too long and is an extra weapon against that dreaded nappy rash, while ensuring that your baby stays full of smiles and gurgles because his or her skin is dry and healthy.

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