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The time has come for education to evolve. 

Evolve is designed to take each child on a journey of personal mastery, using trend setting curriculum mapping systems developed by MIT, where they progress at their own deliberate or accelerated pace.

Our mission at Evolve Online School is to provide your child with an education like no other.

We are committed to guiding your child through an educational adventure of self-discovery and subject mastery. Our goal is to help them quickly excel in areas of interest and strength, and progress steadily in areas where they need more time and focused attention to succeed.

Grade R-9 starting in January 2021

Grade 10-12 will be phased in from 2022

Advantages of EVOLVE online school

  • Quality education in South Africa comes at a premium price, as a parent we know that you would like to provide the best for your child and to set them up for a successful future. We believe that quality education should also be affordable
  • We follow a curriculum that has been developed by Master teachers.
  • Benefit from knowing exactly what educational gaps might be present through our pre-diagnostic proficiency assessment.
  • Track the progress your child is making through our mapped curriculum.
  • Allow your child to excel to the next grade in subjects they are excelling in or reduce their tempo for them to master the subjects that might need a bit more time.
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous classes will allow your child to move at their own speed and attend live classes presented by the Learning Activators allowing them the opportunity to ask questions and participate. 
  • Enjoy the benefits that the focus on mastery (they can do what they must) will have on your child’s academic future as opposed to a focus on passing (they can do some). 
  • Your child will have peer interaction through our scheduled classes, life coach discussions, day camps and group assignments.
  • Provide your child with an educational journey where their emotional wellbeing and teaching of life and soft skills allows them to better prepare for a live post matric.
  • Habits of mind integrated approach that will ensure that your child is deliberately taught thinking skills that will guide their decisions in future.
  • Grade R-3 students will receive monthly adventure boxes. 

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