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Let’s change the conversation around female sexuality this Women’s Month

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Did you know that 63% of women over 30 experience some form of sexual discomfort or problem? That’s more than half, or every second woman you see every day. We just don’t realise, because us women internalise so well: What’s wrong with me? All my friends seem fine, so why is it just me?

The truth is it’s not just you. It’s you and almost every woman around you. And science is only now beginning to understand how our stressful modern-day lives impact our sexual drive and function. 

Fortunately, knowledge is power. This Women’s Month, we can change the conversation about our sexuality.

My periods are irregular – is this menopause?

Probably only if you’re approaching 50. Menopause is a reality between 45 and 55, but irregular periods can happen long before that – almost at any age. Irregular periods (oligomenorrhea) can happen when your body experiences hormonal imbalances and changes in hormone levels (like when taking contraceptives or falling pregnant).

But new research suggests that stress, pollution and environmental damagers trigger a cascade of damage inside the body that has a devastating effect on your sex organs, suppressing your body’s production of the vital sex hormone estrogen. Scientists believe that this is the reason behind more and more women showing symptoms of hormonal changes earlier in life.

For the first time in my life, I’m experiencing vaginal dryness and sex is uncomfortable, is this normal?

For too many women, yes, it’s becoming very common. Our modern-day lives increasingly expose us to internal and external damagers that create Reactive Oxygen Species and free radicals, which ravage the cells in our bodies (known as oxidative stress). And, worryingly, oxidative stress seems to have a huge impact on the organs that control our sexual drive a function.

Oxidative stress depletes the vital vein- and sexual-health compound, nitric oxide, in our bodies, which causes symptoms such as dryness, discomfort, as well as lower sex drive and satisfaction. All of which can put a great deal of stress on you and your relationship.

But it needn’t become the norm. We’re finding exciting new ways to counteract the damage.

Why are my moods so unpredictable?

Mood swings are very common when there are hormonal changes happening inside your body. That’s why we have commonly held beliefs of premenstrual mood swings, and that mood swings indicate approaching menopause. But, again, unpredictable moods don’t necessarily mean menopause.

Oxidative stress depleting nitric oxide in your body can cause the type of hormonal changes that lead to mood swings at any age – or at least long before actual menopause.

I really battle to “get in the mood” – is there something wrong with me?

No, there’s very seldom something “wrong” personally. A decrease in libido/desire is usually a normal psychological (mental) response to the physiological (physical) damage in your organs. 

The oxidative stress that’s depleting nitric oxide and causing changes in hormones and sexual drive and function – the stuff that’s causing dryness and discomfort during sex – will often trigger a natural response in your brain to try and avoid the uncomfortable situation.

Your brain is very clever, and, if it realises that you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable during intimacy, it will often trick you into avoiding sex in the future. Fortunately, we have exciting new ways to treat both the physical and psychological effects around sexuality.

I don’t feel confident and my sex life is dwindling. How can I improve intimacy with my partner?

Firstly, this is natural in every relationship. A couple’s physical intimacy doesn’t stay constant during a relationship, it often requires work to maintain beyond the “honeymoon phase”.

According to PhD Julie Jones for PsychCentral, building on emotional intimacy is a powerful key: Learn to be curious again. We often become wrapped up in defending our own opinions in relationships, losing our need to understand the other person’s point of view. Actively trying to understand (without giving up your own opinion) creates empathy, which builds intimacy.

Jones also says that “surprise generosity” boosts intimacy: Make yourself available in a new or different way. You could offer to do the chore your partner always complains about or offer to go with them to the place/activity you usually skip because it’s not your “thing”.

Lastly, be selfish for all the right reasons: Invest in yourself. Remember that your partner was first attracted to you because they saw something different and unique in you. That’s powerful. Nurture it. Take care of yourself. Invest in your wellness, your personal development and your mindfulness. When you’re feeling your best, you bring an important vitality to your relationship. 


Lamelle Research Laboratories understands how oxidative stress impacts a woman’s sexual drive, desire, function and satisfaction. That’s why we developed a unique and remarkable product that specifically targets the things that impact your sexuality and pleasure. It’s called Lady Prelox.

Lady Prelox is an all-natural supplement made with a patented formula that improves sensual pleasure, desire and comfort. The results are everything a woman needs:

Lady Prelox is clinically proven to boost sexual function and satisfaction in women between 37 and 45 by 88% within one month (up to 126% in two months). It’s even proven to boost sexual satisfaction in menopausal (45–55) and even post-menopausal (50+) women by 60% and more.

“Lady Prelox offers a non-prescription solution to a multi-factorial concern that affects the quality and confidence of many women of all ages”

Dr Bradley Wagemaker, Medical Director at Lamelle Research Laboratories

So, please remember, this Women’s Month and every day of the year, it’s not just you. There’s a scientific explanation for your tiredness, discomfort and even struggling to get “in the mood”.

If you feel you need a little help, all-natural Lady Prelox is available from all leading pharmacies. You can even buy it discreetly from Lamelle’s Pharma Store online at

RSP: R500 for 60 capsules.

Tel: 011 465 2264

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