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A happy and contented baby is a baby who cries little and sleeps well.  Carrying your baby close to your heart, especially in the first few weeks provides a gentle way for baby to transition from the calm environment of the womb to that of the outside world.  Carrying your baby in the Hugseez Baby Wrap Carrier, allows baby to hear their mother’s heartbeat creating a sense of safety and security for baby.

It is well recorded that in cultures where babies are held almost constantly, they are typically in a quiet alert state, rarely cry and fuss much less.  The closeness and the constant movement is most effective in reducing fussing and inducing calmness in baby.

In the first few weeks, parents find themselves with so much more to do, and using the Hugseez Baby Wrap Carrier is a very practical solution for both parent and baby.  You can regain control over your day and use of both hands while keeping your little one sleeping close to your heart.  Being able to see baby all the time, alleviates the stress of worrying about SIDS as well as giving you enhanced insight into what makes your baby sleep better.

It’s really interesting to note that mothers who routinely use a baby carrier, may be more likely to successfully breastfeed.  The close contact between mom and baby can help mom pick up on important feeding cues from baby and help with maintaining prolactin and oxytocin levels – important in the production and release of milk.  What’s great about the Hugseez Baby Wrap Carrier is that it allows you the privacy to feed baby discreetly when out and about.

There are many more benefits to a baby wrap carrier and some of these are :

  • Helps reduce acid reflux through propping baby upright
  • Safer and easier on your back than simply carrying baby in your arms
  • Great for baby’s physical and mental development
  • Assists with bonding process
  • Better brain development
  • Better emotional development
  • Promotes intimate connection between parent and baby

If you haven’t yet purchased your Hugseez Baby Wrap Carrier, we strongly recommend that you visit out website on to make your choice and keep your baby sleeping close to your heart.

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