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How to do your laundry during Level 6B water restrictions

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By now you would have heard that as of 1 February 2018, the City of Cape Town is implementing Level 6B water restrictions, limiting Capetonians to 50 litres of water usage, per person, per day.

Sources such as EWN have put together helpful breakdowns of what exactly one can do with 50 litres per day (see infograph), and as expected, laundry is predicted to take up a bulk of the total amount.

The average modern, high-efficiency home washing machine uses about 50 litres of water per cycle. That’s an entire day’s worth of water, gone! It is estimated that older machines may use anywhere between 56 and 150 litres per batch.

If the city reaches the dreaded (but expected) Day Zero, each person will have to queue for an allocated 25 litres per day, making home laundry close to impossible.

Green Planet Laundry allows Capetonians to save water and stay within their allocated amount, without having to wear dirty socks!

About Green Planet Laundry

The first of its kind in Africa, this innovative laundry uses purified borehole water instead of valuable municipal drinking water. While the average home washing machine uses a minimum of 50 litres of drinking water per cycle, Green Planet Laundry uses zero litres, offering major relief for the drought-stricken Western Cape dams.

Green Planet Laundry recycles and reuses 98% of the borehole water used on site, and feeds it back into the laundry system. Only water used to clean heavily-soiled laundry (such as spa towels and industrial overalls) is disposed of professionally.

Kind to your clothing, kind to the environment and very competitively priced, Green Planet Laundry is the answer not only during the time of drought, but also for the future to ensure we adopt a water-wise lifestyle.

Green Planet Laundry services the greater part of Cape Town, from Strand to Paarl to Duynefontein to Cape Point, and offers a convenient same-day collection service (terms and conditions apply). Cape Town residents can now experience the convenience of sending their laundry to be cleaned without the guilt of wasting natural resources, and exceeding their daily allocated amount. In addition to servicing individuals, they also service major companies that require large-scale laundry, such as hotels.


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