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Lamelle Dermaheal: Harness incredible age-defying power of growth factors

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If you’re savvy about skincare, you’re probably using superstar active ingredients like retinol and alpha hydroxy acids. But what about growth factors? Being a relatively “new kid” on the block, not everybody knows what they are, let alone their amazing benefits. Worse yet, a lot of people still confuse them with stem cells. So, let’s clear up the confusion and get you up to speed with one of the most innovative ways to create a cutting-edge skincare routine.

You’ve got mail!

Growth factors are essential peptides – long strings of amino acids – found in abundance in your body. Their job is to float around between your cells and relay vital messages like “grow”, “repair”, “rejuvenate”. They do this by attaching to receptors on the surface of your cells. An easier way to look at it is to think of growth factors as being keys and the cell receptors as being little letterboxes with locks on them. When your growth factors meet your cells, they unlock each letterbox and – just like that – their message is delivered.

While we’re young, our skin’s “postal system” is going strong. Everybody gets their mail. Cells run at their optimum. As we get older, however, our body’s produce fewer growth factors. Also, your cell’s letterbox locks start to get a little rusty. As a result, fewer important messages get delivered and your skin starts to show it. After all, less cell communication means less cell growth and that means thinner, laxer-looking skin.

Growth factors to the rescue

In the past, experiencing a dip in growth factors and the resultant visible ageing used to be a lot like watching your hair turn grey – a seemingly inevitable part of getting older. Now, however, thanks to incredible Nobel Prize-winning scientific research, we’ve realised we can replicate growth factors, apply them topically and reap the benefits. We know this because our bestselling Dermaheal range is full of them and they’re serving up dramatic results.

As each product in the Dermaheal range contains growth factors, they can all help optimise the communication system between your cells, essentially instructing it to behave like much younger skin. The result is a boom in collagen and elastin creation to help you enjoy firmer, plumper, more youthful-looking skin. Then there’s the healing aspect. One of the growth factors in our Dermaheal range – the very one that inspired its name – is called TGF-Beta3. It’s an incredibly powerful protein that promotes scarless healing. What’s even more incredible is that your skin hasn’t seen it since childhood. It’s only now, thanks to the miracles of modern science, that we can invite your skin to behave as it did in its youth.

Where do our growth factors come from?

Thanks to decades of research, our bioengineers have been able to create exact replicas of your body’s own growth factors. Does this mean they contain human tissue? Definitely not! Our growth factors are made in a lab from specially selected amino acids that are then modified to be identical to those in your body. They’ve been scientifically proven to be 100% safe and, because they’re bio-identical, your body immediately recognises them so they can get to work immediately.

We invite you to reap the rewards

Want to experience the incredible rejuvenating power of growth factors for yourself? Like we said, our Dermaheal line is full of them. However, our most popular Dermaheal product is Lamelle Ultra Renewal Cream that contains 50% more growth factors than the other products in this range.

It also includes a non-irritating form of wrinkle-busting retinol, hydrating hyaluronic acid fragments and a patented cytokine complex. (The latter is a spectacular inflammation fighter and that’s important because, if left unchecked chronic low-level inflammation leads to inflammageing – skin that ages prematurely. Chronic inflammation also creates the perfect playground for acne to thrive and hyperpigmentation to run wild.)

In short, as you’re reading this, your cells’ function is slowly declining. But you don’t have to accept it. Once you harness the power of Dermaheal’s growth factors, a more youthful, radiant complexion will be yours to enjoy!  

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