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My 15 week old son, Dylan, and I were asked to do a review on four Lamaze toys. I am a first time mom and learning all about the importance of stimulation from an early age has been an eye opener, but with the help of Lamaze toys it has been easier for me. We played and assessed the toys over a period of a week and a half.

I was provided with several toys on the day and we have had so much special bonding time together reviewing them all.

Sir Prance-A-Lot

This is probably one of my favourite Lamaze toys for my son Dylan, who is 15 weeks old. The colours alone kept him staring and gazing, especially the black, white and red horse hooves! I found that the squeaking knight and crinkle sounds a great distraction whilst he was having his ‘tummy time’, keeping him happier for longer in that position. The shape of the Sir Prance-A-Lot Lamaze toy (clacking rings, horse legs, taglets etc) allowed for Dylan’s little fingers to grip on easily as there were lots of little areas he could grasp onto.

 Clutch Cube

The Lamaze Clutch Cube is my 15 week old son’s, Dylan, most educational toy. At his current age, the mirror and handles keep him occupied the best. This is also a great toy to hang above your change mat area, as I have done, to keep him content and distracted whilst changing him. The rattle and clacking rings have often diverted a little cry coming on!

Lulu in a Tutu

I found this Lamaze toy to be a little bit boring, but perhaps for my 15 week old son, it is a bit big. The amount of places he can grasp onto are limited, except for the handle area of course, if he finds it! The hippo’s crinkle tutu is very cute, but I personally find this to be more of a girly toy.

Discovery Book

Another one of my Lamaze favourites! The colours, pictures and sounds are wonderful. The only fault I have with this toy is that my 15 week old son gets stimulated very quickly by the volume of crinkle sounds in this toy. I would suggest that this toy is made for at least an appropriate age of 3 months plus.

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