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Krayons Listened to Moms, Because Mom’s Know Best

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Krayons, products specifically formulated for babies and children, has announced a revamp of the range in response to feedback received from their most important audience, moms. Brand manager Su-Marie Annandale says that the refresh is as a result of needing to stay on top of the changing needs of mothers in South Africa – specifically considering that the brand has a proud history of 30 years in the country.


“Krayons has been helping moms to look after their most precious assets for a very long time. We have taken the time to speak to our consumers to understand what they’re looking for in a baby skincare range, and the insights have been invaluable to the Krayons journey.”

While Krayons has undergone a packaging change, the trusted Krayons formula remains the same.  The range consists of lightly fragranced Petroleum Jelly’s, Aqueous Creams and Bar Soaps available in different convenient sizes as well as a fragrance free range of Petroleum Jelly’s.

The Krayons packaging has been updated to include a new logo, to a softer colour palette as well as new round jars that make it easier for moms to grip and open. Moms also stressed that they required assurance from the brand that the formulation was developed specifically for babies, hence the addition of the word ‘Babies’ to the logo and the addition of the word ‘gentle’ across the range.

“Moms don’t have the time to shop around for products, so we’ve made our packaging as straight forward and uncomplicated as possible. They key attributes are listed on the front and back of the pack so it’s easy and recognisable,” says Annandale.  The range is endorsed by an independent dermatologist.

Most importantly, the range contains ingredients Glycerine and Vitamin E to assist in cleansing and moisturising the skin. The product range provides moms with the Krayons Aqueous Cream, Krayons Soap Bar and Krayons Petroleum Jelly (Lightly Fragranced and Fragrance Free options).

For more information visit www.facebook.com/krayonsbabies

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