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Jolly Fun Christmas Package by Hasbro

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Meet our Jolly Fun Christmas package, greeting your holidays with joy and magical gifts.


There are 7 great gifts to accidentally push into your trolly this year, that your children or family’s will adore; including play-doh kitchen play set, Don’t step in it, Pie face cannon, My little pony cutie mark crew, Trivial Persuit- family edition, Lock star, and finally Little Pet Shop.

These products are wonderful and not too over priced.

These products are eye catching, especially the Pie face Cannon. You definitely need to keep your eye out for the whipped cream.

It is a fun way to get your revenge on your siblings and to bring laughter. Don’t let the whipped cream hit you, you have a trusty hand to help your defense against your battle.

The second obstacle to look out for is the Don’t Step In It! Blindfolded, you are to walk the Mat Of gross and try not step in the life-line killing dog poop.

Oh yes, as you make your way through this nerve-racking but fun adventure someone will spin to your fate. The winner is whoever makes it across the mat with the least amount of step ins (that you are able to mold with play doh).

The Play Doh kitchen set is the PERFECT GIFT for your little girl. It is filled with a variety of colors, molds and fun and easily useable kitchen equipment. Little girls love cooking up things and love being the head chef, so why don’t you make their kitchen area the absolute best!


Trivia Pursuit family edition is a fun way to battle to first place against your friends and family. Test your knowledge and gain victory with the 1,200 questions -600 for kids and 600 for adults -. This is by far the best game to play for your family Christmas or lovely lunches!

Lock Star is a creative way to teach young child about locks. The locks each have a variety of creative character deigns. Lock star has a surprise inside the actual lock for you to open and reveal. You can use lock star as a lock for your bag or even a decoration for you bag or shoes.

Littlest Pet Shop is the most adorable mobile pet to carry around everywhere you go! They’re your new little friends. Collect all your tiny animals to be the best pet shop in town.

And finally, the one and only My little Pony is back and cuter than ever. A miniature sized my little pony collectible comes floating into your daughters hearts. She’ll love it! They’re easy to carry around and the best for your play doll games.

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