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Prepare yourself for some serious mind-boggling science experiments as part of the free, virtual Sakhikamva Science Festival, featuring a show by Australian scientist, Dr Graham Walker on Friday, 4th September at 11am. Families can join the Science ShowOff livestream with Dr Walker of the Australian National University who, live from his home lab (aka his spare room!), performs experiments you can try at home – from vacuum-cleaner marshmallow cannons to gravity defying water – and lots you definitely should not.  There will be liquid nitrogen, explosions and much more! 

Dr Graham Walker has been performing science shows for the past 19 years and is one of only two people in the world with a PhD in science show performance. His shows are science with a difference, helping kids find the fun in science through entertaining, scientifically sound and educational experiments.

STEM education specialist, Sakhikamva Foundation has been hosting the action-packed, virtual science festival since 21 August, recognising that education in South Africa needs a boost of positivity. The festival has been highlighting the joy of discovery, of following your curiosity and unlocking the mysteries of our world through Science and Maths. Now the festival is gearing up for the last few shows, which include The Alien Marshmallow Challenge on Thursday, 3rd September – a challenge for families to build a structure to test if their alien will be safe if they drop it from a height – and the Fun Kahoot, a live online science quiz hosted by Steve Sherman from Living Maths on Friday, 4th September at 2pm.

Participating in the Sakhikamva Foundation Science Festival is free for all. Just visit to book your spot.

The Sakhikamva Foundation was established by forensic scientist and airline pilot, Fatima Jakoet to promote awareness of the aerospace industry through STEM learning projects.  Through a variety of programmes at schools and the world’s first STREAM Laboratory facility, Sakhikamva Foundation connects children to STEM subjects through fun, hands-on, immersive learning. 

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