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Is comfortable sleep while pregnant possible?

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Most pregnant moms find it hard to get comfortable in bed. Contrary to popular belief it is possible to get a comfortable night’s sleep when you’re pregnant. 

Here are some tips …

During pregnancy it’s important to lie on your side. This is because you have a main vein (the Vena Cava) running up the side of your spine. Lying on your back with a heavy pregnant belly will compress this vein and restrict the blood flow for you and your baby. It’s likely to make you feel sick and breathless and your baby will kick, trying to get a better position and telling you to move. Generally, from 24 weeks onwards you’ll need to lie on your side (earlier if you’re carrying twins or more). It doesn’t matter which side you lie on (changing sides helps your blood flow and allows baby to move around to get comfortable). From 34 weeks onwards it’s ideal for your baby to have his/her spine lying on the left side of your belly as this is a much easier position to start a good, healthy labour. When baby is awake and you’re lying on your side, make sure you lie on your left.

Support your belly. From 20 weeks onwards it’s a great idea to put a thin pillow under your belly when you sleep on your side. You have ligaments that attach from your uterus to the base of your spine and so as you get heavier these ligaments can pull creating discomfort in your sacrum (just above your bum) and a pulling feeling in your belly. A thin pillow tucked right under your belly and your leg up at the correct height will have you feeling weightless! You can buy belly wedges which are even more comfortable than normal cushions.

Hug a pillow. To prevent your shoulder from pulling and to protect tender breasts, hug a pillow (or a teddy bear!). Hugging a pillow will prevent your upper body from pulling forwards and can help to relieve pains around your bra line.

Snuggletime has a few options like our Body Comfort pillow, our Preggy Roll, Maternity Pillow and Preggy Wedge. Keep an eye on our social media to see what they look like so you can make an informed decision on which on will work best for you.

Sleep tight!

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