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Introducing Shopkins

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One of the worlds best loved collectible ranges aimed at girls, Shopkins, now launches in South Africa just in time for Christmas 2014.

Shopkins consists of super cute, super tiny, grocery-themed collectibles that are inspired by items from each aisle in the grocery store and come with adorable shopping bags and baskets.
Tiny shopping-themed miniatures with names like Apple Blossom, Miss Mushy-Moo and Posh Pear, the little characters are one of the world’s most popular retail items around the world right now.

With over 148 different Shopkins to collect, girls can have a ball collecting the little friends and creating a world where “once you shop, you cant stop”. Go visit them online, get to know all your Shopkins characters and watch the web episodes at www.shopkinsworld.com

Distributed by Prima Toys and available at leading retail outlets are the following items:

  • Shopkins 2 pack – R29.99
  • Shopkins 5 pack – R79.99
  • Shopkins 12 pack – R159.99
  • Shopkins Bakery – R299.99
  • Shopkins fruit and Vegetable store– R299.99
  • Shopkins – Vending Machine – R249.99
  • Shopkins Shopping Cart – R249.99 (available from Nov 2014) Shopkins – Supermarket – R399.99 (Available from Nov 2014)

Get collecting today!

Shopkins characters are recommended for ages 3 and up only. All prices are recommended retail prices only.


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